The residence Oxygène of Guyancourt is endowed with 2 new works of art as part of the charter «1 building, 1 work»

The residence Oxygène of Guyancourt is endowed with 2 new works of art as part of the charter «1 building, 1 work»

Eiffage Immobilier, represented by Frédéric Cartier, Director of Immobilier Île-de-France, inaugurated this Tuesday, May 28 «Oxygène», an operation of 80 housing units on accession to the property, in Guyancourt, in the presence of François Morton, Mayor of Guyancourt. This event was also an opportunity to unveil two works of art in the “1 building, 1 work” charter within the residence.

Eiffage Aménagement et Eiffage Immobilier has been working with the city of Guyancourt under a development permit for 10 years. The city wanted to ensure the transition from a former industrial site to a neighbourhood combining social and functional mix, very close to the city center to which it is now connected by a central email, landscaped and pedestrian.
The "Oxygène" real estate program is part of this conversion project within the "Pont du Routoir" district. Eiffage Immobilier, in partnership with Ateliers 115, had as a major objective to preserve the aesthetics and spirit of the wooded place.
The “Oxygène” residence benefits from an island heart that includes nearly 2,000 m² of green space, developed by landscape architect Marc Littot of the Société raphia.
The operation is NF Habitat HQE certified and displays an energy performance RT 2012 with low energy consumption in every home.
The work was carried out in 24 months by the Eiffage Construction Habitat teams.

Art for all through the charter «1 building, 1 work»​

In December 2015, Eiffage Immobilier signed the charter «1 building, 1 work», with the Ministry of Culture and Communication, committing to install a work of art in each of its operations.
For «Oxygène», two artists were solicited: Maxime Luntun and Catherine Arnaud whose works were unveiled on May 28 in their presence.
In the hall of the building located at 4 Boulevard du Chateau, Maxime Lutun Nantes artist, unveiled his work «Infini des possibles», a sculpture combining technical, innovation and geometry in Corten, his favourite material. It reveals a multitude of shades of grey where creation may never stop so many possibilities exist.

On Jean Jaurès Boulevard, in the central garden, artist Catherine Arnaud unveiled her vision of «Origine du monde», a basalt sculpture. His approach symbolizes the explosion of molten matter.