The Lycée Gergovie in Clermont-Ferrand, an operation worth its weight in gold!

The Lycée Gergovie in Clermont-Ferrand, an operation worth its weight in gold!

On Wednesday 14 June, the Lycée Gergovie in Clermont-Ferrand, an emblematic low-carbon project by Eiffage Construction, was awarded the gold trophy, the highest distinction in the "Innovating for a sustainable world" competition organised by the French general contractors in the building and public works sector. The award was based on 3 selection criteria: technical and organisational innovation, environmental innovation and social and societal innovation.

A genuine showcase for our expertise, the school won unanimous praise from the national jury for its many innovative and sustainable features.

In particular, it was judged on 3 selection criteria:

  • Technical and organisational innovation: with its 11,000m² of wood-frame walls, its straw insulation, and the creation of a temporary workshop close to the site for the manufacture of MBS, the operation is making a name for itself;
  • Innovation for the environment: the school has obtained the most ambitious environmental labels, such as E4C2, thanks in particular to the use of bio-sourced materials (17,000 bales of straw from Limagne, 3,900m3 of French-certified wood, 92% of which comes from Douglas-fir from the Massif Central, 600m² of Volvic stone), which promote the local economy through short circuits;
  • Social and societal innovation: through the exemplary implementation of prevention measures on site, as well as the training of journeymen masons in the timber trade. 100% of the timber construction work was carried out in-house, including the manufacture and installation of the MBSs.

Once again, we congratulate our teams from Auvergne, who have won all the awards for this exemplary low-carbon building.  

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Strasbourg municipal baths:
Special mention for Eiffage Construction and our teams in Alsace, for the sumptuous refurbishment of Strasbourg's municipal baths, a remarkable structure protected́ as a Historic Monument, awarded by the Grand-Est jury of the regional competition Innover pour un Monde Durable organised by EGF - Entreprises Générales de France du BTP.

In particular, we were rewarded for our role in facilitating liaison between all the external and internal players, with whom we maintained a constant dialogue throughout the project! We succeeded in guaranteeing compromises between technical imperatives and heritage conservation issues.

As a reminder, this Global Public Performance Contract consisted of designing and carrying out the restructuring work on this facility, followed by its technical maintenance and upkeep for a period of fifteen years.

Mesnil en Ouche campus:
Another successful Eiffage Construction project! The Mesnil en Ouche school campus, which brings together a range of schools from nursery school to the end of secondary school, was awarded the Normandy regional prize by the jury of the EGF 2023 "Innovating for a sustainable world" competition. 

In order to allow the children to remain in their usual environment for the duration of the works, meet the very tight deadline, reduce the high cost of the operation initially planned in the existing building, restore coherence to a disparate group of educational buildings located on a small plot of land, and reduce the operating costs of the project, the jury decided to award the Normandy regional prize.

The Pézenas swimming pool:
In this red-carpet season, our star operation to rebuild the Pézenas (34) swimming pool has been awarded the gold award in the EGF 2023 "Innovating for a Sustainable World" competition.

This global performance contract, carried out on behalf of the Communauté d'Agglomération Hérault Méditerranée, included the deconstruction and reconstruction of the intercommunal swimming pool, which includes an outdoor area with a 5-lane sports pool, a training pool and a paddling pool. 

The jury particularly praised the bioclimatic design of the sports complex (NF HQE approach). 

As the general contractor, we opted for restraint by demolishing part, rather than all, of the large outdoor pool. The demolition rubble was then crushed for reuse on the Group's road projects. 

In addition, the following were installed  

  • a system for the instant recovery of heat from grey water, for the production of domestic hot water or the pre-heating of swimming pool water; 
  • a rainwater recovery system to supply outdoor watering and toilets; 
  • an overhanging roof to provide effective solar protection for the building and ensure comfort in summer; 

A big well done to our teams for this virtuous and efficient project, which brought together all those involved. The project, which was completed on time, took 86 months to complete, including 15 months of construction work.