The cities of Pau and Bizanos welcome the new district Dehousse at the center of the project "les Rives du Gave"

The cities of Pau and Bizanos welcome the new district Dehousse at the center of the project

Eiffage Aménagement, in association with Eiffage Immobilier, develops a new district on the former site of Dehousse factoires on more than 4 hectares.

For 3 years, the entities "Immobilier" and "Aménagement" of Eiffage Construction work on this project to give a new life to this place inoccupated since 2008. The Freinrail Systèmes company opens the site in 2017 to Eiffage Immobilier who then proposes to both municipalities, Pau and Bizanos, an ambitious mixed program. Municipalities validate the project of arrangement at the beginning of 2018.


The district Dehousse will offer, on a total surface of 35 000 m ², a mixed programming of housing, offices, businesses and services. This new district has for objective to attract new residents and to create new jobs with the creation of housing and offices.
Businesses and local services will be also realized: a day-nursery, banking services, restaurants, a food store as well as a medical pole and a residence services.

Shared uses characterize this district, which aims to be a vector of social link between the inhabitants and the users of the site, with the realization of:

  • A small place of village with a multitude of local services and animations,
  • A kitchen garden shared for the inhabitants,
  • A part of the car park will be mutualized.

The access to the district will be facilitated with the presence of soft and clean tranports, little or not producers of carbon for a sustainable district. A station bus station will be put at the disposal of the users.
The district Dehousse will be a demonstrator regarding sustainable development, the group Eiffage joins in the procedures of re-use of a maximum of materials stemming from the on-site demolition.

Eiffage Aménagement and Eiffage Immobilier work closely with the teams of

Communauté d’Agglomération

to join completely the project of "les Rives du Gave". The future district will be realized in the respect for the plan guide of the town planner SERAJI, the ultimate expression of the various studies of town planning made on the perimeter of "les Rives du Gave", with for origin, the "Stade des Eaux Vives" realized by Eiffage Construction.

Both structures of Eiffage will watch to protect and to value the identity and the history of the place through the buildings which will be built, so assuring an urban continuity. The architects of the project are the BC+A agency, Meu/Lalucaa and ANMA (Nicolas Michelin).
The works, which will be assured by Eiffage Construction, should begin at the end of 2019 for a delivery of the programs from 2021.