The big dive! Strasbourg's Municipal Baths, built by Eiffage Construction, open their doors

The big dive! Strasbourg's Municipal Baths, built by Eiffage Construction, open their doors

After nearly two years of construction works, our Eiffage Construction teams in Alsace have just delivered the Strasbourg Municipal Baths, a remarkable structure protected as a historical monument, to the SPL Deux-Rives (Société Publique Locale Deux-Rives). This Global Public Performance Contract consisted of the design and execution of the restructuring works for this facility, followed by its technical maintenance and upkeep for a period of fifteen years. Inaugurated at the beginning of November with all our partners, the place is open to the public since November 8th.

The establishment offers : 
- An indoor and outdoor aquatic area, 
- A wellness offer including the Roman baths, 
- A freshness garden, 
- A space dedicated to sport and health and a nutritional workshop.

In order to respect the listed historical structure, the choice of materials and techniques was pre-established: our teams used all their know-how and expertise to adapt to these requirements. 180 workers were present on site at peak times, and more than 8,000 hours of integration were carried out!

The renovation of the Strasbourg Municipal Baths aimed to improve the environmental performance of the facility, the building and also the operation of the pools, which used to consume a lot of water and energy. Thermal and electrical energy consumption has been reduced by 41%, while water consumption has been reduced by 82%, from approximately 850 litres of water per bather to 150, thanks to adapted renewal rates and optimised emptying to reduce the volume of water consumed.

In addition, the City of Strasbourg has heating networks, the development of which, in conjunction with new facilities and development projects, makes it possible to better control atmospheric pollution with reduced consumption of non-renewable energy. The district heating network will provide the heat production for the project.

In terms of circular economy, the teams have had the permanent reflex to conserve everything that could be conserved: joinery, tiling, earthenware, lighting... all these measures make this operation part of our ambitious environmental approach.

From now on, all citizens of Strasbourg, Alsace, and even France and the rest of the world will be able to visit this magnificent establishment to take the plunge!

Congratulations to the teams and thanks to all our partners for this beautiful delivery:
- Architects : François CHATILLON Architect and Thierry NABERES Architect;
- BET: Quadri plus ;
- Technical maintainer: Veolia ;
- Building maintenance: Eiffage Construction;
- Operator: Equalia.