Silex² : start of work on a new Lyon Skyscraper !

Silex² : start of work on a new Lyon Skyscraper !

At the heart of the business district of Lyon part-Dieu, the first stone of the Silex² tertiary complex was symbolically laid on April 3, in the presence of Covivio, owner of the building.

Covivio trusts Eiffage’s teams to carry out the tertiary program Silex², a tall building with a total area of 31,000 m². Located in the 2nd business district of France, the project aims to offer a high-end and innovative tertiary space in line with Lyon Part-Dieu’s new ambitions.
The project is led by Eiffage Construction Confluences, which operates as a general company, and mobilizes several entities of the Eiffage group: Chastagner for the demolition of old buildings, Eiffage Energy Systems for the realization of electricity batches, air conditioning, ventilation and heating, and Goyer for the metal frame of the new part of the tower.
Silex² is divided into 3 zones:

  • The former EDF tower will be completely renovated on an area of 11,000 m² and will include office space on 24 floors as well as a restaurant,
  • The extension of the tower will also house office space and a 135-seat auditorium. With a height of 130 m², it will have 2 floors more than the renovated part,
  • A 10,000 m² public facility will include an inter-business restaurant, a cafeteria, shops, a gym and other offices.

Designed by the firms Ma Architectes and Arte Charpentier, the chiselled design of the tower enhances the architectural style of the Part-Dieu with its contrasting materials and textures. With its wide open facades, Silex² recreates the link with the city thanks to a living base.

The building the dual environmental certification NF HQE Tertiary Buildings level Excellent and BREEAM Europe Commercial 2013 mention Very Good.
The Silex² tower once again illustrates Eiffage Construction’s expertise in the construction of high-rise buildings (IGH) in the most emblematic business districts. This big project joins the Majunga Tower (La Défense) or Hypérion (Bordeaux) within the most beautiful Eiffage references in skyscrapers.

Personnalités présentes à la cérémonie de première pierre :

  • Christophe Kullmann, Directeur Général de Covivio,
  • Olivier Genis, Président d’Eiffage Construction,
  • Michel Chenevat, Directeur régional Eiffage Construction centre-est,
  • David Kimelfeld, Président de la Métropole de Lyon,
  • Gérard Collomb, Maire de Lyon,
  • Catherine Panassier, Maire du 3e arrondissement de Lyon,
  • François Pontais, Directeur du projet Grand Campus Lyon, Solvay.