Quarantine and Cocoon'Ages: when generosity, ingenuity, and solidarity resonate even stronger!

Quarantine and Cocoon'Ages: when generosity, ingenuity, and solidarity resonate even stronger!

This unique and unprecedented context of quarantine has been shaking us all, at different scales, for several weeks now. Everyone, in their own way, participates in the collective effort, whether by applying the gestures barriers, staying at home, taking multiple solidarity initiatives…. In our Cocoon'Ages residences, solidarity is the key word, all year round, but it resonates even more today. 

As a reminder, the Cocoon'Ages concept is the intergenerational family housing system developed by Eiffage Immobilier in partnership with Récipro-cité, which combines an adapted architecture with an animation service offering. This combination makes it possible to establish relations of solidarity and proximity in Cocoon'Ages operations for all generations, and to mitigate situations of fragility.
In the exceptional situation we have been experiencing for several weeks, it is an even stronger solidarity that is felt on a daily basis between the inhabitants and their Manager-Animator, who show ingenuity to be more and more in solidarity with each other. In all the residences, a phone and email monitoring of the Managers-Animators, as well as regular publications on the respective Facebook pages of the residences, with the sharing of good plans, are done. Shared good plans include school at home and children’s activities, learning, culture and entertainment of all kinds, teleworking and collaborative tools, as well as sport and relaxation.

In addition to these global initiatives, local specificities have emerged in each residence:

Aubagne Cocoon'Ages Residence :

  • Porting cooked meals between neighbours
  • Help for shopping between neighbours
  • Phone or video calls between neighbours
  • Weekly issue of exit certificates in mailboxes
  • Delivery of vegetable baskets by local farmer
  • Implementation of a cooking contest on Facebook
  • Nellie’s (the M-A) Testimonial Video Released (in French)

Smartseille Cocoon’Ages Residence :

  • Day or night care based on need
  • Video and telephone monitoring of 11 high school and high school students by volunteer residents
  • Coordination with the principal of the primary school to transmit homework to the families of students who do not have internet
  • Several contests set up on Facebook: pictures of snacks, testimonies of children
  • Posting of Samira’s (the M-A) testimonial video (in French)
  • Other video testimonials from locals are also shared on Facebook

Clermont Cocoon’Ages Residence :

  • Help for shopping with the most vulnerable
  • Telephone between neighbours to watch over the most isolated

Guyancourt Cocoon’Ages Residence :

For more information on the good plans and solidarity actions of the residences, go to the Facebook pages of the residences (in French): Aubagne, Marseille, Clermont, Guyancourt, as well as on the pages dedicated to the Digital Resourcing of Aubagne and the page dedicated to the crisis.

Thank you to all residents and their Manager-Animator for this solidarity. And to all, take care of yourself and #StayAtHome.