Priora is socially committed to disabled people

Priora is socially committed to disabled people

Last July 30th, sixteen boarders of the institution LIV "Leben in Vielfalt" (Live in the diversity) were able to escape one day with the visit of the port, the lunch in the farm during a day financed and managed by Priora, Swiss subsidiary of Eiffage Construction.

It is already the fifth excursion organized by Priora for disabled people. Five years earlier, for Christmas, the subsidiary of Eiffage Construction  decided to support financially a social institution and to offer unforgettable moments and a great experience.
On July 30th, 2018, 12 collaborators of Priora stemming from diverse sectors and branches received their guests of the institution LIV. The excursion started in the landing stage of Dreiländereck in Basel for a visit of the port by the Rhine. The group then went to the farm of Klosterfiechten. Over there, all were able to obtain " a small kiss " of the sea lion Otto, to caress the former marine inhabitant and to take photos.
" The social commitment is very important for us, that is why we were delighted to share a day with them ", says Raffael Brogna general directior of Priora. " I shall keep a wonderful souvenir of the radiant faces. It is a very enriching experience", is enthused Silvan Christ, works foreman of the branch of Bern.
The institution " Leben in Vielfalt " is a part of the cantonal administration of Basel-city. It proposes various supervised housing and a schedule of activities adapted labourer. These offers address the women and the men presenting a high need of care because of their heavy mental or physical handicap. LIV favors the autonomy and the participation of the handicaped adults.