Priora becomes officially Eiffage Suisse!

Priora becomes officially Eiffage Suisse!

Eiffage Construction established itself in Switzerland in spring 2018 with the acquisition of the company Priora AG that became officially Eiffage Suisse in early 2019. This approximation allows Eiffage Construction to become one of the leaders of construction in Alemanian Switzerland.
This rebranding was celebrated on 24 January at the “Eiffage Connect” event in Zurich in the presence of Mr Olivier Genis, President of Eiffage Construction, Mr Raffael Brogna, Managing Director of Eiffage Suisse and many customers.

Since March 15, 2018, Switzerland has become part of the Eiffage Group’s universe through Priora AG Entreprise Générale, one of the Swiss building leaders.
The company, whose birth certificate dates back to February 2011, radiates across Alemanic Switzerland – two thirds of the country – and has the ambition to grow throughout the country in the coming years. To do this, it can rely on what has made its strength in the past few years, namely teams capable of carrying out in general the largest operations launched by the builders. The 170 or so employees of Priora AG have demonstrated their competence, from the design of the most complex buildings to their delivery.
Since January 1st, 2019, the company has been operating under the name Eiffage Suisse.

Back on the achievements of Eiffage Suisse​
It took only a few years at Priora AG to make its mark on most cities in Alemania. The "Home of Chocolate" being created on behalf of Lindt & Sprüngli in Kilchberg on the shores of Lake Zurich is certainly one of the most emblematic buildings entrusted to the company. It will undoubtedly help to wear high the colours of Eiffage Switzerland throughout the country! But this flagship site cannot ignore other equally technical operations. For example, the renovation of the Walhalla hotel in Saint-Gall, an establishment at the borders of the German and Austrian borders, or the realization of Steinbock, a large real estate complex comprising housing, shops and offices in Coire (Grisons) are three representative examples of the diversity of Priora AG’s business. Like the three Stadtwald skyscrapers in Rorschach, Eastern Switzerland, and the Ricola herbalistics plant candy manufacturer, Laufon (Basel countryside).
The construction market in Switzerland​
In Switzerland, the construction market is characterised by a very strong presence of institutional and private investors, both for new works (80%) and for rehabilitation (20%). The latter alone regularly generate almost all of Priora AG’s business, with public procurement accounting for only 5% of the company’s turnover. The distribution of projects reflects this disparity. For example, almost two thirds of the company’s turnover is in residential construction, just under one third is in commercial and service industrial buildings, with the balance – just under 10% – being in education, culture, recreation and health. A final niche that could well serve as a springboard for the teams of Eiffage Suisse who intend to increase their presence in hospital projects but also to position themselves more in the markets of public-private partnerships and to make real estate promotion a development axis.