OPH Saint Malo chooses Eiffage Construction for the rehabilitation of 147 dwellings in Dinard (35)

OPH Saint Malo chooses Eiffage Construction for the rehabilitation of 147 dwellings in Dinard (35)

The Eiffage Construction Bretagne teams have won a design-realization operation, concerning the rehabilitation of three residences «Harbour, Conchée and Genillet» in the ZAC Saint Alexandre in the town of Dinard on behalf of the social lessor Emeraude Habitation.

Starting in March 2019 and for 24 months, Eiffage Construction Bretagne will work together with the architectural agency BNR and the thermal design office THALEM to rehabilitate 147 dwellings in three R+5 buildings with a total area of 10,200 m².
This market of rehabilitation includes:

  • The thermal and environmental renovation of the built park with the installation of thermal insulation by the exterior and the replacement of the exterior joinery to obtain the BBC label Promotelec renovation (label B). This performance allows a decrease of the energy bill, maintenance and maintenance costs.
  • The requalification of the aspect of buildings by a contemporary architecture expressed by the addition of metallic balconies highlighted by chromatic choices marked with coating and garment (MYRAL).
  • The creation of input sequence and the materialisation of access halls; the reappropriation of the public space in the foot of buildings in favour of private terraces put at a distance by a set of hedges and fencing; reorganization and beautification of parking spaces (air, underground).
  • Strengthening the attractiveness of dwellings by renovating wet rooms, heating equipment, combined with a qualitative treatment of common areas.
  • the conversion of 45 dwellings into senior dwellings.

Carrying out the work in the occupied site requires a methodology adapted to the spatial and temporal organization, in cooperation with the tenants: this requires the establishment of a qualified tenant relations officer, a true cornerstone of the implementation mechanism, whose role will be:

  • transmit information between the lessor, the tenants and the work driver,
  • Tenant management: be the reference person throughout the period of work (reassure, inform, accompany),
  • ensure the smooth running of the work: better consideration of technical problems, warning of possible modifications and optimizing intervention plans,
  • to provide the least discomfort for tenants.

This operation in realization design is part of our dynamism in this market that is booming.