Noé Platform: the first physical platform of circular economy organized in Bordeaux

Noé Platform: the first physical platform of circular economy organized in Bordeaux

The platform Noé is an innovative tool of mutualized services inter-construction sites managed by the economic interest group (GIE) which gathers Eiffage Construction, Eiffage Route and Suez.
In service since October 11th, it allows to adapt the current modes of organization to the constraints of the construction in town, and to guarantee the accessibility to formation and safety such as the environmental performance.

Eiffage Construction, Eiffage Route and Suez Recyclage and Valorasation created the platform Noé to limit the nuisances, such as the congestion of the traffic and the carbon emissions generated by the operation Bordeaux-Euratlantique - vast operation of arrangement lasting 20 years with 2,5 millions of m ² to build on a territory of 738 ha near the city center.
Noé is a mutualized and evolutionary services tool, intended for companies working on these construction sites, that includes:

  • co-working spaces, meeting rooms, parking lot and shuttles,
  • solutions of recycling and valuation of waste,
  • The re-use of excavated lands and the sale of materials,
  • a  logistics service and catering services,
  • renting of material and human resources management.

This platform, open to all the construction sites, will be also available on a mobile application - to facilitate follow-up and traceability - during the first quarter 2018.
Already available for three months, the platform already arouses the interest and seems to work. The traffic goes from the major account to the small craftsman among all building jobs.
Proof of its avant-gardist and exemplary character, Noé is certified demonstrator of sustainable city within the projects carried by the EPA (public institution of arrangement Bordeaux-Euratlantique).

Noé in numbers: 

  • 2,5 hectares of influence on the right bank of Bordeaux
  • 3 sites in Bordeaux
  • 2,5 million euros of investment on stockholders' equity of the companies of the GIE
  • 160 parking spaces 
  • 6 employees
  • 25 people working on the platform

For more details of this platform, do not hesitate to consult the presentation brochure.