"Les Rives de l'Ourcq": Eiffage Immobilier delivers a new 64-unit residence housing 2 artworks


Situated on the banks of the Ourcq canal in Pantin , this new residence comprises 64 flats in 3 buildings and 3 shops at the foot of the building. Two works of art by David Zeller have been installed in the halls of the buildings as part of the "1 building, 1 artwork" charter to which Eiffage Immobilier is a signatory.

22 months of work, carried out by teams from Eiffage Construction Résidentiel, have just been completed. The residence, which covers more than 4,300 m² (4,300 sq.m), has been a great commercial success: in just 2 days, the 45 homes in the process of being acquired were sold! 19 social housing units delivered to Seqens complete the programme.

Designed by the AAU MASTRANDREAS agency, the architecture of the project is modern, contemporary and bright. On the outside, the red brick and plastered facades reflect the banks of the Ourcq Canal. The buildings meet the RT 2012 and NF Habitat HQE standards, which ensure a certain quality of life for the inhabitants.

The works were carried out in synergy with various Eiffage business lines, notably Eiffage Construction Résidentiel and Boutte, a subsidiary of Eiffage Génie Civil specialising in demolition in the Western region.

The artistic aspect of the project is present thanks to the work of David Zeller, alias ZED after his artist's name, which consists of several versions of his "Flexo" and life scènes in relief. A plastic sculptor, he anchors his artistic approach around individual identity and otherness or acceptance of the other. The artist places the human being, and more particularly the multiplicity of his behaviours, at the centre of his work. For more than ten years, he has been creating an offspring that has become universal: the "Flexo". Recognised as an artistic marker of the 2010's, this pure, genderless, ethnic, faceless and ageless character tells the story of our humanity in a spirit of joy, openness and optimism. A nice human touch now present in the residence!

Thank you to all the teams and partners for this beautiful delivery with an artistic and contemporary soul!