«L'envol»: the low-carbon residence of nearly 100 dwellings of Eiffage Construction comes out of its nest in Vélizy

«L'envol»: the low-carbon residence of nearly 100 dwellings of Eiffage Construction comes out of its nest in Vélizy

Located in Vélizy-Villacoublay (Paris région), this low-carbon residence resolutely turned towards wood is sustainable, innovative and has an aerial architecture. During July, it was the stage of the installation of balconies in metal structure that was crossed, for a delivery of the operation at the end of 2020.

Carried out on behalf of BNP Paribas Immobilier Résidentiel with INNOVIA Développement, the 92-unit project has more than 800 m2 of balconies and 700 m2 of terraces.

These numerous outdoor spaces, present in each proposed housing, are the will of all stakeholders and the architect LECLERCQ Associés: to make nature and buildings come together, that housing fit perfectly into their environment, both visually and on the exemplary nature of the operation in terms of carbon footprint. The operation is aimed at the BBCA label, which values all the low-carbon approaches of a building (construction, exploitation, carbon storage, circular economy).

It is with innovative constructive modes that the building is realized, In particular, a wooden superstructure composed of more than 6000m² of wood floors and CLT wooden facades that allow the ambitious environmental approach of this program to be identified at the first glance from the outside.

«The flight»: everything is said in the name of the residence in which the balconies are notable elements, innovative, with the aerial appearance allowed by their metallic structure, directly attached to the wooden facade and without pole on the outside. This technical feat is made possible thanks to the metal tie rods integrated into the viewports, allowing the entire structure to be stiffened. And for a very clean rendering, the rainwater is recovered by a metal tray integrated in the thickness of the balcony. With their 1m80 depth, they allow you to truly enjoy the relationship to nature offered in the surrounding space.

Congratulations to our Eiffage Construction Bois teams for their work on this ambitious project!