Launched 5 years ago, one of 22 intergenerational Cocoon’Ages® residences was inaugurated in Guyancourt

Launched 5 years ago, one of 22 intergenerational Cocoon’Ages® residences was inaugurated in Guyancourt

With 4 residences already delivered and 18 signed operations including 5 under construction, the Cocoon'Ages® concept appeals to local communities and social donors. Based on an intergenerational family home model based on living together and solidarity, Cocoon’Ages® provides a response to current societal challenges. On 3 March, the last residence built was inaugurated in Guyancourt.

Co-developed in 2015 by Eiffage Immobilier and Récipro-Cité, a social engineering company specialized in intergenerational diversity, the Cocoon'Ages® offer combines an adapted architecture (accessibility, ergonomics of housing, user-friendly shared spaces to encourage exchanges) to an offer of Management-Animation in order to encourage exchanges and solidarity between residents, all generations. Throughout France, Eiffage Immobilier and Récipro-Cité develop and accompany the Cocoon'Ages® concept in the field.
The residences have a Maison des Projets (Projects House) with a kitchen, as well as terraces and common outdoor areas including shared vegetable gardens. A Manager-Facilitator, an employee of Récipro-Cité whose costs are borne by Eiffage Immobilier during the first years of operation of the residence, is there to stimulate and support the projects of the residents.
It is all these devices and this state of mind that the people present at the inauguration could see with their own eyes: residents of the residence, elected, Manager-Facilitator, representatives of Eiffage Construction and Récipro-cité, all were present to share, exchange in this convivial and living space that is the Maison des Projets.
Nicolas Gravit, Eiffage Aménagement Director, Olivier Bernard, Eiffage Immobilier Ile-de-France Director, Serge le Boulch, President of Récipro-Cité, Marie Sizun, Deputy Director of Yvelines – Seqens, and François Morton, Mayor of Guyancourt, spoke about Cocoon'Ages® ’s response to the expectations of elected officials and residents, namely maintaining the territory, breaking the isolation, and participation in the new dynamics of rural neighbourhoods and communes.

In symbolic gesture, a pear tree in espalier was planted, an action led by the Association «Jardin, Passion, Partage» which has as its vocation the sharing, solidarity and mutual support around the themes of gardening. Eiffage Immobilier has also chosen a social and supportive caterer, “Mamie Foodie”, who honours our grandmothers’ cuisine and has a social commitment to create intergenerational connections, to bring a supplementary retirement to our seniors and to enhance their know-how. Two initiatives in line with the Cocoon’Ages® concept. In addition, an “idea tree” was installed so that residents could express themselves.

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