"L'Archipel", a green urban block, inaugurated by Eiffage Immobilier in Alfortville (94)


With L'Archipel, the Langevin district is benefiting from a major urban redevelopment, supported by the arrival of the Grand Paris Express. Surrounded by small pavilions and public facilities, L'Archipel is a new quality residential setting, comprising 184 homes divided into 7 buildings as well as a shop, at the heart of Alfortvillaise life. L'Archipel was inaugurated in the presence of the Mayor and Diane Leyre (Miss France 2022).

Close to all the amenities and transport links of the future Grand Paris Express, l'Archipel is a living neighbourhood in the making.
The programme is distinguished by its unique architecture and its organisation into small independent residential blocks. The buildings are linked by the same elegant and airy architectural style. Ranging in height from three to five storeys, the Archipelago's buildings display stylish, rhythmic contemporary lines. The staggered layout of the buildings opens up views of nature while guaranteeing optimal sunlight for the living areas. On the ground floor, the double-height, largely glazed lobbies give a contemporary, welcoming atmosphere to the light-filled buildings and are an excellent introduction to L'Archipel.
Quality materials stand out: luminous white rendering, stone-coloured brick and matt concrete dress the façades, while the green roofs accentuate the natural aspect.
Nature has a special place in L'Archipel, offering residents a green setting in the city. The natural spaces of L'Archipel have been carefully designed and laid out to create a sober, contemporary setting. A vast garden, located in the heart of the block, is criss-crossed by paths leading to the building lobbies, and is an invitation to stroll and walk.
In addition, the building has obtained NF HABITAT HQE certification for its many advantages in terms of energy performance.
As a signatory of the "1 building, 1 work of art" charter (an initiative of the French Ministry of Culture to give as many people as possible access to art on a daily basis), Eiffage Immobilier has chosen to integrate two works of art into its property programme. "Traversées", by the artist SHAKA, evokes the displacement of the body through the decomposition of its movement, as well as a work by Guillaume Bottazzi.
Congratulations to our teams and those of Eiffage Aménagement and Eiffage Route.
Architect: JB PIETRI
General contractor: Eiffage Construction
Project manager: OTCI