Intergenerational housing: Eiffage Immobilier launches the works of a new residence in Aubagne

Intergenerational housing: Eiffage Immobilier launches the works of a new residence in Aubagne

Eiffage Immobilier signed Thursday, April 27 with 13 Habitat the sale in the future state of completion of the residence Cocoon'Ages® of Aubagne, marking the official launch of the works.

This operation, located in the subdivision developed by the company of mixed economy Façonéo chemin du Vallon des Gavots, confirms Eiffage Immobilier's commitment to better living together and good aging at home. It will be followed by other projects, currently being developed throughout France.

A first intergenerational residence in Aubagne

The R + 3 building will have a total floor area of ​​approximately 4,800 m². The program includes the creation of a nursery of 32 cradles on the ground floor and 79 intergenerational social housing units that are both ergonomic and suitable for all ages.

The objective is that the occupants can live there independently in old age. Housing of small typologies was favored (77% of T1 and T2) in order to respond specifically to the needs of young people and seniors.

Several indoor and outdoor common areas will be created to promote exchanges between the inhabitants: a "projects house" on the ground floor of 60 m², a large common terrace and shared vegetable gardens.

Recipro-Cité, a social engineering company specializing in intergenerational mixing, partnered with Eiffage Immobilier in the development of the Cocoon'Ages® concept, will offer the animation services of the residence.

The facilitator will promote solidarity and the development of links between the inhabitants through the creation of various activities organized in common spaces.

The works, which have just begun, are expected to last 14 months for delivery in the second quarter of 2018.

Many projects under development throughout France

About fifteen similar projects are being developed throughout France, representing nearly 1,000 housing units.

The Cocoon'Ages® concept, whose first results have been realized in social, will soon see its first launch of mixed projects, combining housing and social housing in the South-West and Central-East regions.