Inauguration of the medical biology laboratory for the CHU de Nancy and the Institut de cancérologie de Lorraine (ICL)

Inauguration of the medical biology laboratory for the CHU de Nancy and the Institut de cancérologie de Lorraine (ICL)

On July 1, 2019, the medical biology and biopathology laboratory at the CHU de Nancy and ICL was officially inaugurated on the site of the Brabois hospitals in the presence of numerous personalities. This establishment is a new illustration of Eiffage’s know-how in the realization of complex and innovative laboratories in the field of health. Produced in 1 and a half years by Eiffage Construction, representative of a group consisting of Eiffage Énergie Systèmes in charge of the electricity batch, the architectural firm Art&Build, the design offices Artelia and CET, this operation places innovation at the heart of its organisation with a centralized automated technical platform.

This operation follows the consolidation of 16 laboratories spread over the Lorraine medical biology territory of the CHU de Nancy and the biopathology of the Lorraine Cancer Institute on the site of the Brabois hospitals.

This new 8000 m² laboratory promotes technical, technological and functional efficiency. It brings together various specialities in pharmacology, medical biology and biopathology in one place.
This design-realization will have mobilized nearly 200 companions with particularly consistent technical installations including: 7km of heating tubes, 2 cold units of 1200kW each, 11 air treatment plants, 1 km of benches and 20 positive and negative cold rooms.

Its architectural concept, conceived by Art & Build Architect, is based on a flower-shaped plan, with a distribution of all sectors around a single core: the automated technical tray (PTA).
The samples, delivered by pneumatic network, are sorted and dispatched to the dedicated analysis sectors thanks to an automated robot. This robot, at the charge of the grouping, moves autonomously, avoids any obstacles, opens the doors alone via wifi links.
A perforated metal cladding covers a large part of the facades.

Following the Courlancy polyclinic near Reims, this large-scale operation illustrates Eiffage’s expertise in the realization of high-tech health facilities. A sector that never ceases to call on the Group’s know-how since it has just signed a CREM for the realization of the cancer and imaging institute of the Brest CHRU.

Personalities present at the Ceremony:

  • Stéphane Hablot, Mayor of Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy,
  • Christophe Lannelongue, Director General of ARS Grand-Est,
  • Gilles Dupont, Regional Director of Eiffage Construction Nord-Est,
  • Laurent HÉNART, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Mayor of Nancy, former Minister,
  • Bernard DUPONT, Executive Director of CHRU Nancy,
  • Christian RABAUD, President of the Medical Commission of the CHRU of Nancy,
  • Éric FREYSSELINARD, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Prefect of Meurthe-et-Moselle
  • Thierry CONROY, Director General of the Lorraine Cancer Institute,
  • Olivier RANGEARD, President of the Medical Commission of the Lorraine Cancer Institute.