In Rillieux-la-Pape, Eiffage Immobilier lays the foundation stone of the «Evolution» residence

In Rillieux-la-Pape, Eiffage Immobilier lays the foundation stone of the «Evolution» residence

As part of the urban project in downtown Le Bottet, Eiffage Immobilier was selected to carry out the large-scale "Evolution" real estate program of 12,500 m² spread over 7 residential and commercial buildings, it is a real building block of the new city centre because it creates the link between the cultural and administrative poles and brings new urban clarity to the city centre.
Symbolized by the laying of prints on slabs, the first stone of the residence was laid this Thursday, September 26, 2019.

The project, led by the Metropolis of Lyon, initiated by the City of Rillieux-la-Pape, coordinated by the GPV (Grand Projet de Ville) and developed by the SERL Group and Eiffage Immobilier, aims to create a newtown on the commune in the Bottet district. This new centrality will eventually bring together businesses, tertiary activities and new housing units with original and modern architecture, as well as wooded public spaces open to all, as well as new ways, complemented by a cultural and administrative hub.
Within this framework, a real estate program of housing and shops on the Avenue de l'Europe, in the heart of the new downtown of Bottet, was entrusted to Eiffage Immobilier. This program brings together two residences "So New" and "Evolution" representing a total of 7 buildings and, in the long term, a supply of 148 housing units with easy access to property, 3,000 m² of shops and more than 170 parking spaces in the basement.
«Evolution» shows a strong environmental approach, in accordance with the thermal regulations 2012, thus guaranteeing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient housing. Eiffage Immobilier is also committed to obtaining NF Habitat certification on all its housing.
Finally, in order to respond to the charter signed with the Ministry of Culture and Communication  “1 building, 1 work”, an artist will be selected to realize a work of art in the residence «Evolution».