In Lagord, Eiffage Construction plants the first tree of a real estate complex serving a low-carbon territory

In Lagord, Eiffage Construction plants the first tree of a real estate complex serving a low-carbon territory

In Lagord (17) near La Rochelle, within the Atlantech® eco-responsible park initiated by the La Rochelle urban community, one of the first low-carbon urban districts in France is to be developed. Block 2A of this project will be one of the first to be built. Led by Eiffage Immobilier, Aquitanis and Axanis, it will consist of 127 mixed housing units spread over 7 E3C2-labelled buildings, and it was symbolically that the first tree was planted in the presence of Arnaud Grau, Mayor of Lagord, Olivier Genis, Chairman of Eiffage Construction and Jean-Luc Gorce, Managing Director of Aquitanis.

Located on a 27-hectare former military site, this redevelopment, which is part of an urban and social revitalisation process, will make it possible to set up 330 housing units, economic activities and a research centre, all in a landscaped setting. 

In the Block 2A development, Eiffage Immobilier is marketing the "Echô" residence, which comprises 50 self-owned homes in three separate buildings ranging from ground floor to ground floor, designed and built by Eiffage Construction, in line with our unique builder-developer model. Axanis is building 23 homes and 3 detached houses, and Aquitanis 51 homes.

The low-carbon construction of the complex involves optimising the structure of the buildings, building frugality and limiting our consumption of raw materials combined with the use of CEM III cement: this innovative approach aims to reduce the carbon impact of the construction by around 30%. 

In addition to the frugality and optimisation of the building, an innovative approach has been added to the process with the use of so-called "low carbon" concrete, whose Hoffmann 0% clinker binder makes it possible to divide the carbon impact of construction by 4.

Using Sekoya, the low-carbon solutions platform developed by Eiffage and its industrial partners, Eiffage Construction called on Circouleur, one of the award-winning companies, to use a 90% recycled paint that will be applied to all the painted surfaces of the block. 

Environmental impact is a factor in both the act of building and the construction itself, which is why Eiffage Construction chose to install a site base using maritime containers at the end of their life cycle through its B3 Ecodesign entity, whose design is optimised in terms of space and energy performance. The latter also includes a bioclimatic design, an efficient thermal envelope, photovoltaic panels that will produce sufficient energy for the self-consumption of the common areas, and the production of heating and domestic hot water by a collective double-service heat pump (air-water) per building.

All of these initiatives are part of the Eiffage Group's ambitious environmental approach and have enabled the project to be awarded the E3C2, BBCA and Bepos Effinergie 2017, NF Habitat HQE 6* label.     
In addition to an environmental approach, Block 2A includes a CSR dimension:
- a participative concierge service will be set up as a facilitator of community life with our partner Réciprocité®,
- a management of used equipment and recycling of materials will result in the establishment of a collection circuit,
- a greenhouse will be installed in the heart of the block, and composting areas will be set up,
- In addition to encouraging the employment of mainly local subcontractors, the site will include the employment of people on social integration schemes.

Congratulations to the teams for this beautiful operation, and thanks to our partners:
- Project owners / Developers: Eiffage Immobilier - Axanis - Aquitanis
- VRD/Landscape designer: SIT&A CONSEIL / LANDESCAPE 
- Builder: Eiffage Construction