Hyperion wins "Low Carbon Residential" award at Innovapresse's Developer Ranking ceremony

Hyperion wins

This Wednesday, July 7, was the ceremony for the Developers' Ranking organised by Innovapresse. Delivered in mid-June, France's tallest residential tower Hypérion, built by Eiffage Immobilier and designed by Jean-Paul Viguier, was awarded the "Low Carbon Residential" prize, attesting to its exceptional environmental quality. Congratulations to the teams for this award!

Recognised by the State as an "Industrial Demonstrator for the Sustainable City", the project was initiated in 2015 as part of the Bordeaux Euratlantique Public Development Establishment's desire to develop this district and design a wooden structure tower of unprecedented height: over 50 metres, that is!

We are very proud of this award, which is further proof of our commitment to sustainable construction, in line with the Eiffage Group's ambitious environmental approach, and which can be explained by the many initiatives taken in this direction in this emblematic operation:
- an innovative construction method that combines a concrete core and a wooden structure made up of glued laminated wood beams, cross-laminated wood panel floors and 304 timber-framed walls built by Savare, an Eiffage Construction subsidiary with expertise in timber construction,
- More than 1,500 components were made off-site, including the façade elements in Savare's workshops,
- 1400 m³ of solid wood guaranteed to come from local forests,
- recovery of wood waste,
- An E3C2 level,
- Hyperion will store at least 1400 tons of CO2 over its lifetime, a volume comparable to 9 years of energy consumption for a building of this size.

Congratulations to all the teams for this award!