Guy-Boissière skating rink in Rouen gets a new look

Guy-Boissière skating rink in Rouen gets a new look

The metropolis of Rouen awarded the contract for the renovation and expansion of the Guy-Boissière rink to Eiffage Construction, co-agent of a group with the company Asten. This is Rouen’s most important sports equipment, it is the first time that the teams of Eiffage Construction des Hauts de France have carried out such a large project. The subsidiary expands its expertise in the field of sporting equipment since it also manages the skating rink in Louviers and the aquatic centre in Saint-Romain de Colboc.

The project consists of the rehabilitation and the extension of the Ice rink Guy Boissière, in busy site, on the island Lacroix in Rouen. Designed by the cabinet Octant structure, the black facade of the future building will give onto the Seine, the floor of which will be decorated with gold for the part reserved in VIP.

These works will be led in synergy between the teams of Eiffage Construction Nord-Ouest and those of Clevia, the brand experts in environmental engineering and energetics of Eiffage Energie Systèmes, which will take care of the thermal improvement (insulation, cover) and of the improvement of the quality of the ice of the Olympic ice rink.

The main work of renovation and enlargement consists there:

  • the renovation and the delivery for the standards of the public places (reception, skates),
  • the restructuring 600 m ² of changing rooms,
  • the extension of a new stand in on piles R+2 with VIP places and susceptible space, this extension represents 700m ².

The whole construction swork will allow to gain 329 additional places for the big sports events which welcomes the ice rink.

The works will start on February 5th of this year. They take place in 2 phases to end the play-offs of Rouen Hockey Élite 76 in in the middle of April 2019 and reopen 2 ice rinks on September 2nd, 2019. The complete delivery of the sports complex is planned in February, 2020.