Eiffage teams launch work on a 20-hectare development zone at Claye-Souilly (Île-de-France)

Eiffage teams launch work on a 20-hectare development zone at Claye-Souilly (Île-de-France)

Project won at the end of 2018 by Eiffage Aménagement, the operation of the ZAC du Bois des Granges began its VRD work in mid-May and its construction work in late June 2020. These beginnings allow the features of the 20-hectare area of activity to take shape, thanks to all the Eiffage entities involved.

Thanks to this area of activity, the municipality of Claye-Souilly wishes to affirm three main orientations for the coming years: to offer the charms of «living in the city in the countryside», to promote residential routes by offering all types of housing, achieve a high level of environmental performance on real property programs.

Eiffage Aménagement, thanks to the various Eiffage entities and partners involved in the project, provides a complete answer to all these needs. The aim of the Eiffage Aménagement teams is to combine the preservation of the living environment with the construction of new housing and equipment, with a focus on controlled urbanization. This neighbourhood will house 530 new dwellings, of all types: 265 collective buildings, 30 individual houses and 105 intermediate dwellings. Eiffage Immobilier will sell 2 lots, or 180 housing units. The housing will be certified «RT 2012 -10%», a label put in place by the organization Effinergie that attests to their energy performance. This project, which is mainly residential, will also house a high school, a school, a gymnasium, a health centre and a business.
The Eiffage Route teams are currently working on the site to carry out the earthworks, sanitation and primary roads on the first tranche for delivery scheduled this fall. The application of high-aggregate asphalt and a Recytal® plant-based rolling layer is perfectly integrated into the construction of this eco-neighbourhood. The work on making the second tranche viable will start before the end of the summer and then give way to the teams of the other Group entities. Through this project, Eiffage Route helps to structure the territory to offer the best living environment to future residents.
The Eiffage Energie Systèmes teams will be in charge of the supply and installation of 126 light masts and the construction of 4,165 metres of Low Voltage network. Our agency continues through this project, its partnership with the municipality of which it is lessor in Public Lighting and Light Signalling through the Energy Performance Market.
To carry out this development project, Eiffage is working together with the urban architect DT Architecture and the landscaper Targowla architect and landscape designer, who wish to give these 20 hectares a spirit resolutely oriented towards sustainable development in urban forms, building materials and exhibitions of houses or apartments with greenery, that respects the surrounding biodiversity and is consistent with the facilities already present in the surrounding area, in harmony.