Eiffage Immobilier participates in the 1st 100% virtual Real Estate Show in Marseille from 11 to 14 June

Eiffage Immobilier participates in the 1st 100% virtual Real Estate Show in Marseille from 11 to 14 June

This unique event bringing together real estate actors from the region and organized by Views Multimedia, will take place under a virtual dome and will offer visitors a 100% digital experience, while being humanized. Eiffage Immobilier, by participating, continues to digitize its customer journey.

From June 11 to 14, Eiffage Immobilier will be one of the exhibitors at a unique exhibition: the 1st 100% virtual exhibition of real estate. Bringing together developers, real estate agents, brokers and notaries, this show will be an immersive experience where digitalization will be linked to human contact.

Eiffage Immobilier, through its participation in the show, continues the digitalization of its sales path, already illustrated through virtual reality tours for instance, and impose itself as one of the innovative and adaptable players in real estate by seizing the opportunities presented to it. This innovative idea, by Mehdi Gacem, head of Views Multimédia, is an answer to the exceptional period of confinement experienced in recent months, when the question of social link arose: how to stay connected, remotely?

The answer probably lies in the thought-out visitor journey. During 4 days, from 10am to 7pm, visitors will have access to a platform listing all the details of the real estate programs of the show, which they will be able to sort according to their needs thanks to the search tool. 2 programs will be represented by Eiffage Immobilier: Le Castel, an exceptional real estate program with architecture combining contemporary and 30’s charm, and the 205 Prado, a residence located in the heart of Marseille. All visitors will have access to the project environment, an orbital model, a 360-degree virtual tour, a mini-film and an interactive brochure. After selecting the programs that they like and having had only a digital contact, visitors will be able to continue the discovery by contacting a real estate advisor directly in videoconference or instant messages, in order to exchange as in sales agency, but from home. Via the digital tool, it will also be possible to finalize a purchase, thanks to the electronic signature. An event that, by setting aside the classic and physical living room, keeps all the warmth and the need for human contact.

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