Eiffage Immobilier lays the foundation stone for a mixed housing and commercial complex near Angers

Eiffage Immobilier lays the foundation stone for a mixed housing and commercial complex near Angers

As part of the development operation "Coeur de Ville" of Avrillé, entrusted to the city developer Alter Public, on May 21, Eiffage Immobilier symbolically laid the foundation stone of a mixed program including free access housing, with the Magnolia residence, as well as social housing sold in VEFA (Future State Sale of Completion) with the Acacias residence to La Soclova and activity premises on the ground floor to accommodate the shops.

This 4,320 m² project is part of the restructuring of the city centre, which aims to densify the city centre by bringing new housing and to draw a quality urban landscape in the tradition of the "city - park".
Conceived and designed by DLC Architectures, the Magnolia residence consists of 28 new apartments on a total area of 1603 m², from studio to 3 rooms, on the edge of the tramway line.
Meeting the most demanding construction standards, all the accomadations have thermal insulation and comfort optimized and meet the 2012 thermal regulations as well as the quality standards NF habitat.
The social landlord Soclova bought the 26 social housing units of the Acacias Residence of 1841 m². This housing is funded as part of the 2017 programming of Angers Loire Métropole with 17 housing in PLUS (Rent for Social Use) and 6 housing in PLAI (Rent for Integration Assistance) 2 with enhanced accessibility services.
Eiffage Construction mainte et Loire has been operating as a general company since December 2018 for delivery of the project in the second quarter of 2020.
Present personalities in the event:

  • Alain Riguidel, director of Eiffage Immobilier Grand Ouest,
  • Michel Ballarini, Managing director of​ Alter Public,
  • Marc Laffineur, Mayor of Avrillé, 
  • Daniel Dimicoli, president of Soclova,
  • Hervé Lebreton, Program's Architect​,
  • Jean-Luc Artaud, director of Eiffage Construction Maine et Loire.