Eiffage Immobilier launches the works of Esprit Lac in the new district Panorama in Clamart (92)

Eiffage Immobilier launches the works of Esprit Lac in the new district Panorama in Clamart (92)

The city of Clamart announced at the beginning of the year the launch of the arrangement of the URBAN DEVELOPMENT ZONE of Panorama-Clamart. The construction of the housing of the residence Esprit Lac, carried by Eiffage Immobilier, began while being at it.

The new district of the URBAN DEVELOPMENT ZONE of Panorama-Clamart is located in the southeast of the municipality of Clamart, in border of Plessis-Robinson, Châtillon and Fontenay-aux-Roses. Organized around a central stretch of water of 2,2 hectares, Panorama-Clamart claims to be a modern and sustainable district of 13,7 hectares.
This project has for vocation to be an exemplary district in terms of town planning and sustainable development. The arrangement of the site was thought as a "district-garden" which takes into account the face of the nearby districts. Islands will be organized around a lake and around an important landscaped meshing. The lake will get back rainwater to create an ecosystem provided with a flora and with a specific fauna.
Every partner of the project (demolition workers, promoters, companies) signed a charter of sustainable development. Among the environmental requirements registered in the program: an energy lower consumption of the buildings of 10 % at the levels of the RT on 2012, modes of soft travel, a unique way open to motor vehicles …
On the horizon 2024, this district will have on 154 500 m ² of surface of floor:

  • approximately 2 000 housing,
  • more than 4 000 m ² of stores and local services,
  • a school complex of 21 classes,
  • a gymnasium,
  •  a day-nursery of 60 cradles,
  • approximately 8 500 m ² of offices,
  • a square and friendly spaces (lake with its island, banks fitted out for the walk, the playgrounds),
  •  an underground public parking lot about 200 places.

Eiffage Immobilier is in charge of the residence top of the range Esprit Lac including residential housing from the studio to the 6 rooms duplex.
Materials and equipments were carefully chosen with the objective to bring a unique comfort, a long-lasting well-being and to facilitate the everyday life of all the residents. Sloping roofs covered with slate, small windows and attiques come to give rhythm to the architecture. To extract the best of the site on which is built the residence, double heights were imagined to offer air spaces and luminosity incomparable as well as fantastic views over the lake.
The delivery of the residence is planned before the last quarter 2019.