Eiffage Immobilier launches the work of the future commercial and hotel complex «Haut de la rue National» in Tours

Eiffage Immobilier launches the work of the future commercial and hotel complex «Haut de la rue National» in Tours

This Monday, May 6, Eiffage Immobilier laid the foundation stone of « Haut de la rue Nationale » in Tours in the presence of Christophe Bouchet, Mayor and President of the SET (Société d'équipement de Touraine), Pascal Portier, Regional Director of Eiffage Construction Grand-Ouest and Alain Riguidel, Director of Eiffage Immobilier Grand-Ouest. This project, which is part of the SET development project, involves the construction of two luxury hotels and commercial areas.

Signed in December 2018 by NAOS HOTEL GROUPE, the franchise agreement provides for the operation of the buildings under the Hilton Hampton and Garden Inn brands. The commercial areas rented by the HERACLES project investor are still available. Eiffage Immobilier launches marketing at the end of May 2019.
Entrusted to Eiffage Construction, the work started at the end of January 2019 for a provisional delivery on 31 January 2021. At the peak of the activity about 120 companions will work simultaneously on the 3 sites.
With this operation, Eiffage Construction Tours confirms its expertise in complex project management. The major challenge of this achievement is to intervene in a constrained environment, full of history and ultra-urbanized with respect for pedestrian traffic and a maintenance of the activity of the neighbouring businesses.
Designed by Andrew Hobson of Arte Charpentier, this 11,200 m² mixed-use real estate complex will be divided into 3 main parts:

  1. a new 5000 m² building that will house:
  • a Hilton Hampton 3* hotel with 71 rooms
  • 4 commercial areas on 1600 m²
  • 15 dwellings
  1. a new 5,600 m² building in which will be installed:
  • a Hilton Garden INN 4* hotel with 100 rooms and 4000 m² fitness room
  • 1750 m² of commercial cells divided into 5 lots
  1.  a 650 m² building that will be restored and will house seminar rooms and a restaurant named «Babette».

These operations will be certified RT 2012 and labelled E+/C- (Positive Energy Building and Carbon Reduction).
Photo credit: © Ville de Tours – V. Liorit