Eiffage Immobilier inaugurates the work «la Cité» at the heart of the real estate complex Espace confluent in Rezé

Eiffage Immobilier inaugurates the work «la Cité» at the heart of the real estate complex Espace confluent in Rezé

This Tuesday, February 26, the sculpture of Pascal Proust entitled «la Cité», commissioned by Eiffage Immobilier within the framework of the charter «1 building, 1 work», was inaugurated in the garden of Espace confluent in Rezé. This inauguration marks the official delivery of the operation after 4 years of work.

Signatory of the charter “1 building, 1 work” (initiative of the Ministry of Culture to give access to the greatest number of art in daily life), Eiffage Immobilier chose to integrate a work of the Nantes artist Pascal Proust in the garden of its real estate program Espace confluent.
The Cité is a masterful sculpture in crude steel representing a utopian city, presented on a support also in steel of 3 m x 4 m. It consists of a set of 35 Corten steel sculptures welded on a series of plateaus.
This work is positioned at the crossroads of the entrances of the real estate complex, placed in suspension above the rocks that anchor themselves in basins. It floats on its blade of crude steel. It is a poetic vision of the inhabited constructions that surround it.
The inauguration punctuates the official end of 4 years of work during which Eiffage Immobilier has transformed this wasteland of city entrance into a space of life, work and leisure.
This project is the result of an exemplary partnership between Eiffage Immobilier, the city of Rezé and Nantes Métropole. Today, it represents the largest development and private construction project in the Métropole of Nantes with its 28,000 m² of developed areas.
Imagined by Pierrick Beillevaire of the agency of architecture and "in SITU" urban planning and in partnership with the engineering consulting firm landscape painter "ZEPHYR", this operation realized in two phases, brings a social, intergenerational and functional mix.

The first construction phase, started in May, 2014 and the deliveries of which were spread out, includes:

  • A set of 119 housing intended in of renting social managed by the social lessor The Inhabitant of Nantes of House (LNH),
  • A senior residence with services of 80 apartments named residence " Belles Rives" of Villas Ginkgoes,
  • 4 buildings of 196 housing into entry,
  • A residence services of 100 apartments for young students and active young people, in connection with the technological mutalisé research institute Jules Verne, managed by the social lessor LNH with the GIE ADELIS and EDICT OF NANTES,
  • Surfaces of convenience stores in ground floor(floors) of buildings and premises(places) for the exercise of liberal professions: a pharmacy, a bakery "Honoré", a restaurant, a butcher's shop, a hairdresser, an optician, a beauty salon and a veterinarian

The second construction phase, situated on the ground of "Bow", Sarrail square, is in the course of studies. The approach of Eiffage Immobilier was carried by ambitions both in the field of the urban conception and in its mode of future occupation which presents a big wealth in terms:

  • Of intergenerational exchanges,
  • Of diversity of businesses (bakery, pharmacy, services),
  • Of comfort and user-friendliness thanks to its landscaped central park and to the landscaped suspended terraces favoring the convergence of the populations.