Eiffage Immobilier inaugurates the first tranche of the "Villa d'Ivry" program in Ivry-sur-Seine

Eiffage Immobilier inaugurates the first tranche of the

On September 23, the residence «Villa d'Ivry» was officially inaugurated in the presence of Philippe Bouyssou, Mayor of Ivry-sur-Seine and Frédéric Cartier, Real Estate Director Eiffage Immobilier Ile-de-France.
The second phase of the program will incorporate a new 70-unit Cocoon’Âges® intergenerational residence planned for early 2021.
This inaugural ceremony was also the occasion to unveil Gabrielle Decazes' work of art «Paysage fantôme» as part of the charter «1 building, 1 work».

On the site of the former Jean de Rostand Hospital in Ivry-sur-Seine, “Villa d’Ivry” consists of a new 63-unit residential complex and a 70-unit Cocoon’Âges® residence, sold in VEFA to Expansiel Groupe Valophis, including shared spaces, support of the social link: a vegetated panoramic terrace and a project house on the ground floor.
The new residential complex of 4000 m² certified NF habitat HQE level RT2012 was inaugurated on September 23.
In addition, the construction of a Cocoon’Ages® intergenerational residence will begin after the asbestos abatement currently underway. In addition, activities and crafts rooms will be located on the ground floor and garden floor of the residence.
Developed by Eiffage Immobilier and Récipro-cité in 2015, the Cocoon'Âges® offer is based on adapted architecture and entertainment services for residents. In both residences, residents will be welcomed and accompanied by a manager-facilitator, whose main task is to stimulate and support a collaborative residential dynamic: to promote meetings, to support the projects of the inhabitants, to look after the vulnerable, and to encourage neighbourhood solidarity.
In December 2015, Eiffage Immobilier signed the "1 building, 1 work" charter with the Ministry of Culture and Communication, committing to install a work of art in each of its operations.
For «Villa d'Ivry», the artist Gabrielle Decazes was asked. She directed the work «Paysage Fantôme» which evokes the idea of a «landscapte in works». The sculpture thus advances a reflection on man’s imprint on the world and questions about its origins and its future. The sculpture takes the form of a column, but also that of a geological core; on the upper half is inlaid a relief drawing. This one, taking up the texture of the stone, shows in some places the imprints. Like fossils, they are tools and materials used during construction time and now invisible to the eye, leaving the trace of their presence.