Eiffage Immobilier et Récipro-cité inaugurate the 1st intergenerational Cocoon'Ages® residence in Aubagne

Eiffage Immobilier et Récipro-cité inaugurate the 1st intergenerational Cocoon'Ages® residence in Aubagne

The Cocoon'Ages® “Les Gavotines” residence was officially inaugurated on April 25 in Aubagne in the presence of many personalities and its residents. Delivered in September 2018 to 13 Habitat, this residence is the first Cocoon'Ages® project fully implemented since the launch of this offer developed by Eiffage Immobilier et Recipro-cité in 2015.

Located in the subdivision developed by SEM Façoneo chemin du Vallon des Gavots, Cocoon'Ages® “Les Gavotines” consists of 79 intergenerational social housing units out of a total area of 4,800 m². A nursery of 32 cradles has been open since August and managed the company by Crèche Attitude of the Sodexo group.
This Cocoon'Ages® building benefits from a “Maison des Projets” managed by a Manager-Animator, a Récipro-cité employee, a social engineering company specializing in intergenerational diversity, and a partner of Eiffage Immobilier. This place aims to encourage exchanges between the inhabitants through services-animation offers such as workshops for the manufacture of natural products «I manufacture my laundry», guided relaxation sessions, a monthly meal to celebrate birthdays, a culinary workshop “I cook my Makis”, games evenings…
The Manager-Animator ensures a permanence in the house of the projects of the residence to create social ties and solidarity relations between neighbors and inhabitants of the neighborhood, allowing single people to age at home, while remaining surrounded. Thanks to his intervention, he can also coordinate actions enabling the inhabitants to save costs and improve their purchasing power.
The first returns of the inhabitants of the Aubagne residence are very positive. They are delighted to live in an environment where human beings are at the heart of the system. Indeed, the «Maison des Projets» welcomes every day about fifteen inhabitants to drink a coffee, find a moment of conviviality, get help in an administrative process, make a photocopy, file an ad or borrow a tool.
The Gavotines Residence is the precursor to many other Cocoon'Ages® projects:

  • At Smartseille, the Euroméditerranée Ecocity demonstrator, a Cocoon'Ages® residence will be delivered next May.
  • France Habitation has acquired a Cocoon'Ages® residence in Guyancourt.
  • The Landlord Valophis has chosen to build a Cocoon'Ages® residence in Ivry-sur-Seine as part of the urban redevelopment of the former Jean Rostand hospital.
  • In the heart of Bordeaux’s Brazza district, 96 homes in a Cocoon'Ages® residence will be launched for sale at the end of the year.

Around fifteen similar projects are under development throughout France, representing nearly 1,000 dwellings: Pont de Metz, Clermont-Ferrand, Mandelieu, Le Havre, Grenoble…

Persons present at the ceremony:​

  • Gérard Gazay, Mayor of Aubagne
  • Luc Bouvet, Eiffage Construction Regional Director South East
  • Serge le Boulch, President of Recipro-Cité
  • Lionel Royer-Perreaut, President of 13 Habitat
  • Sylvia Barthélémy, President of the Territory Council of the Pays d'Aubagne
  • Philippe Barrau, Managing Director of SPL Façoneo