Eiffage Immobilier delivers the intergenerational residence Lumi'Air in Lille

Eiffage Immobilier delivers the intergenerational residence Lumi'Air in Lille

After a little more than two years of works, the operation Lumi'Air, managed by Eiffage Immobilier, is currently delivered in the district of the hospital center of Lille, this real estate set shelters a student residence and social new housing and in free entry.

Conceived to favor the living together, the residence Lumi'Air is characterized by a social mix by gathering in the same place students, families and elderly.
244 housing, adding up a surface of floor of 9 072 m ², integrates:

  • 170 student housing,
  • 1 accommodation for the guard,
  • 42 housing in mastered entry,
  • 31 social housing, among which 15 conceived specially for the seniors.

The central building is dedicated to the student residence with studios and studios twice furnished (real estate Lumi' Air Study program). On both sides of this building divide up housing into mastered entry, of 2 in 4 rooms (under the marketing name Lumi' Air Activ) and social housing. The social housing were sold to the lessor The Flemish House.
The architect Sophie Delhay wanted to create a unique volume, compound of 3 adjoining successive main buildings. Every building possesses its own architectural identity: the one makes figure of verticality by its height whereas an other one defines itself by decreasing heights with his big terraces, the air terminal being as for him rangy and rectangular.
A large shared garden, directed due south, completes the device. " 1 building, 1 art" is decorated with a work of the artist Stéphanie Buttier within the framework of the charter. Baptized " Landscapes of Mists ", this work consists of concrete blocks topped with a weaving in stainless steel which is decorated with copper plaits.
Lumi'Air reflects its at the same time urban and plant environment with its facade in stainless steel and the strong presence of greenery in terraces and in the outer spaces.