Eiffage Immobilier brilliantly starts its activities in Wrocław in Poland with the launch of 2 sales

Eiffage Immobilier brilliantly starts its activities in Wrocław in Poland with the launch of 2 sales

In Poland, the Eiffage Group has been known for more than 30 years as it has carried out nearly 700 construction projects. In Wrocław, he is known as the general contractor of major projects such as OVO, Thespian or Angel Care. Today, it is time for the city to get to know the Group from a different angle: as a real estate developer, thanks to two marketing launches involving more than 200 homes, by Eiffage Immobilier!

It’s a whole new adventure that starts in Wrocław for our real estate Eiffage teams in Poland! Two new residential programs have just been launched: «Atmo», on the island of Kępa Mieszczańska located in the center of the city; «HB1820», in Przedmieście Oławskie.

One of the characteristics common to both programs is the desire to breathe the housing, integrating outdoor spaces (balconies, loggias, terraces and gardens), as well as large openings letting in light.
«Atmo» is a complex of two buildings of 6 floors that will house 113 high-end apartments ranging from studio to 5 rooms, as well as shops and services on the ground floor.
One of the biggest advantages of Atmo is its location on the largest green island in the centre of Wrocław, Kępa Mieszczańska. It is surrounded by two arms of the river Odra, behind which lies the charming old town. This central location will allow future residents to be close to the dynamic of the city (relaxation, entertainment, culture, business district), while enjoying the quiet provided by the river.

The program is also distinguished by its architecture: designed by the Zbigniew Maćkow studio, the buildings will reflect a «loft» spirit, visible in most of the elements of the operation: brick facade, glazings, cross vaults. This modern architecture nevertheless respects the history of the place, as for example the integration into the buildings of the facades of an old stable which, in the 19th century, was part of the military barracks of Kępa Mieszczańska. In addition, artists will participate in the decoration of common spaces in an art deco style.

Finally, the ecological conviction of the inhabitants will be taken into account with the installation of bicycle racks and a charging station for electric vehicles.
The success caused by «Atmo», whose marketing began two months ago, led to the announcement of a second residential project: the construction of a 96-apartment building in the Przedmieście Oławskie district, which will contribute to the revitalization of the latter. Its name: «HB 1820», an abbreviation of the address Haukego-Bosaka 18 and 20.

The 7-storey building will offer housing from 1 to 4 rooms ranging from 26 to 100 m², elegant and adapted to the life of modern city dwellers, each with its own parking space.
A terrace with panoramic views of the city will be realized.
The inhabitants of the HB 1820 will be ideally placed a few steps from the old town, taking advantage of the proximity of shops, restaurants, cafes and other necessary services, as well as institutions of culture, leisure and sports.

The architects of Panda Studio have designed an elegant structure, respecting the historic buildings of the area, with an illuminated facade embellished with a wall with lush vegetation.

Construction work on the two operations will begin soon, with deliveries scheduled for the end of 2022, which announce a considerable expansion of our real estate activities in Poland:

"Wrocław is a city with a great history and huge potential. This is where we want to grow, and this is where our future lies. We will act with passion and commitment. Our goal is to offer original architecture and comfortable apartments. We use the Group’s international experience, through which, for each project, we set the standards of modern construction. As an innovative company, we use the latest technologies, high safety standards and environmentally friendly solutions" Tymon Nowosielski, Chairman of the Board of Eiffage Polska Real Estate.