Eiffage Immobilier acquires the land at Newquay Place in Dinard to create a 43,000 m² residential development

Eiffage Immobilier acquires the land at Newquay Place in Dinard to create a 43,000 m² residential development

The signing of the authentic act of sale of the land at Newquay Square, the site of the former railway station, to Eiffage Immobilier for the construction of a 500-unit real estate development, a senior residence and 3,500 m² of shops was completed last October. First Market Housing Starts Now!

On the site of the former Dinard station, a few minutes from the lobbies, downtown and the waterfront, the Newquay project involves the construction of a 3-phase real estate project.
The first phase of the project will include:

  • The senior service residence of 117 apartments operated by Domitys. Residents will benefit from an indoor pool, restaurant and personal services.
  • A residence of 65 collective dwellings from Q1 to Q5.
  • 172 private basement parking spaces and 31 aerial parking spaces.

The second phase will see the construction of 255 collective dwellings and the creation of 322 private basement parking lots and 69 air parking spaces.

Finally, the third phase will focus on shops, with the creation of 3,500 square metres of commercial surfaces divided between a food sign and building floor shops around the square. Nearly 180 units will make up the floors of these buildings.

In order to offer inter-neighbourhood traffic, the project is leaving a beautiful part to the gentle pathways, including a quality central pedestrian link between the Dinan hiking trail and the rest of the city.These pathways are relayed by modern natural breaths made up of a landscape park along Corbinais Street and Agora-type placers that help it live together.

This project, conceived and designed by the architecture of Ricardo Bofill associated with the BNR agency in Rennes, will value Dinard in order to reorganize the city around a living centre where residential and commercial dimensions will create the link between the sea side and the interior of the land. The design of such a city space draws on Eiffage’s recognised expertise, which combines urbanism and architecture.

Construction work is scheduled to begin in March for delivery in late 2020.