Eiffage Immobilier & Atland deliver Complémen'Terre, a programme named after its many green spaces

Eiffage Immobilier & Atland deliver Complémen'Terre, a programme named after its many green spaces

Located in the joint development zone Parc d'Affaires in Asnières developed by Citallios, in the Seine-Ouest district, the 71 housing units of Complémen'Terre are the first to be delivered on the site. Private and collective gardens, planted terraces, rainwater management... numerous initiatives are being taken to encourage biodiversity! In fact, it is in these green spaces that tenants will be able to admire "Horizon", the work of Jérémy Liron installed under the "1 building, 1 artwork" charter.

The 54 new housing units and 17 social housing units built for Hauts-de-Seine Habitat have been delivered! Spread over nearly 4,500m², they are the result of work carried out in synergy with Eiffage Construction Habitat teams.

Designed by Atelier Badia Berger, one of the architects, Didier Berger, describes the building: "Through a series of successive and regular volumes, it provides a link with the future buildings located to the north of the town [...]. The distribution of heights and the refinement of the volumes have been organised in order to optimise the views for the housing as well as the collective spaces". A real desire for openness and space!

It was the ERA Paysagiste teams who thought up the green spaces: the collective garden in the open ground will be planted with trees, a serene area will protect the private gardens of the ground floor dwellings, the plant species will be chosen from a local range, adapted to the soil and climate, requiring little or no watering and little maintenance. Alternative rainwater management will help to limit the management of these planted areas. Rainwater will naturally water the plants and contribute to the enrichment of local biodiversity, flora and fauna. The planted terraces will be maintained by MUGO.

The building is NF HABITAT HQE certified and has the EFFINERGIE + label, certifications that place Complémen'Terre in the overall desire of the joint development zone in terms of environmental and energy performance: at the scale of the latter, an Urban Heat Network (RCU) using geothermal energy and gas adduction has been installed, and urban agriculture is present.

The Atelier by Eiffage, an innovation developed by our Eiffage Immobilier teams, is also part of the operation, to assist new residents in their move: one of our staff will be on hand to help residents with the loan of tools, DIY advice, etc.

Another remarkable aspect of this programme is the work "Horizon", an acrylic and oil painting on wood by Jérémy Liron. He shares with us his creative intention: "a view realised and inspired by the Empuries site on the Costa Brava, Spain. Opening to an open perspective which does not hide history and its traces, it intends to evoke in this way the long history of trade and exchanges, of mixing of populations of which the Mediterranean was the theatre. These windows thus give onto a call from the horizon, an idea of elsewhere and of the other within reach on other shores."

Congratulations to all the teams for these beautiful works of art, and thank you to all our partners!