Eiffage hands over the keys of the CAP 2020 campus to Safran Helicopter Engines Tarnos

Eiffage hands over the keys of the CAP 2020 campus to Safran Helicopter Engines Tarnos

After 24 months of work, the CAP 2020 industrial and tertiary campus was officially delivered on 28 February. This project, won in design realization, was realized by the group led by Eiffage Construction Sud Aquitaine incmluding Eiffage Energie Systèmes via its brands Clemessy and Clévia, Eiffage Route, the architecture firm Séquences, the design office Artelia, Etchart Construction, Etchart Energie, Bobion Joanin and Soubestre.

Buildings, the consolidation of services and the current flows of the Tarnos industrial site were no longer optimised following the development of new industrial means, the creation of new services and the change of work processes.
Safran Helicopter Engines (formerly Turbomeca) wanted to launch the CAP 2020 project with the creation of:

  • an industrial hall of 7,000 m² for the repair of parts and components from the various international sites providing support for helicopter engines,
  • a hall of 14,000 m² for the maintenance of helicopter engines in the Europe-Africa-Middle East area,
  • a tertiary building of 9,000 m² for the global center of support management.

The teams of Eiffage Construction Sud-Aquitaine, in collaboration with Etchart Construction, took on the task of carrying out the major works, the foundations of the three buildings and the sails poles of the tertiary building.
Eiffage Energie Systèmes has realized the electrical equipment of Courant strong-current low-voltage buildings and the plumbing of the tertiary building.
Eiffage Route took care of VRD’s work.
This large-scale operation illustrates the know-how and synergy of all the Eiffage Group’s business lines in the industry sector.