Eiffage Construction starts work on the occupied site of the last building of a 510 housing rehabilitation

Eiffage Construction starts work on the occupied site of the last building of a 510 housing rehabilitation

Since 2019, our Eiffage Construction teams have been carrying out the design-build contract for Vilogia for the rehabilitation of the Maurice Thorez residence in Bègles (33), a municipality bordering Bordeaux. This complex project involves the renovation of a 510-unit housing stock on an area of more than 30,000m2 spread over 10 buildings. Full delivery of the operation will take place in spring 2022.

Currently, the construction teams are finalizing Phase 3 to begin the fourth and final phase of the interior work. Since this summer, the renovation of the facades has continued with the aim of improving the energy performance of the buildings to reach the BBC Renovation level and divide by 4 the greenhouse gas emissions! The 4th and last phase will focus on the improvement of the housing with the renovation of bathrooms, floors, paintings, VMC, production of domestic hot water as well as common parts.

Designed by architects Studio Bellecour and Greenwich, accompanied by the Borteq design office, the project is part of a dynamic renewal of the neighborhood on three major axes: urban, landscaping, architectural identity. The idea is to build on the existing, highlighting it, especially thanks to the metamorphosis of the exterior facades. Located at the center of an urban redevelopment of the «Bègles Est» combining soft mobility, valorization of the built, better living together, the rehabilitation of the residence Maurice Thorez is positioned as the beginning of the renewal of the neighborhood.

Nearly 400 units have already been delivered, including 5 Koloc’ A Projets Solidaires (Kaps) units, which offer a low-rent apartment share where the roommates engage in a community action. Another social initiative is part of this project: more than 5,000 hours of work for occupational integration have already been carried out on the project.

Congratulations to our teams to whom we give all our energy for this last straight!

Photo credits: Studio Bellecour and Greenwich