Eiffage Construction selected for Energy Renovation of Bel Air Hospital at Thionville (57)

Eiffage Construction selected for Energy Renovation of Bel Air Hospital at Thionville (57)

As part of a design-build contract, Eiffage Construction was selected to carry out the energy renovation of the Bel'Air Hospital on behalf of the Metz-Thionville CHR.

The CHR Metz-Thionville has entrusted the complete renovation of the facades of the main building of the Bel'Air hospital, which has been in existence since 1968, to Eiffage Construction teams. It currently has 54 different functional units, an internship, an IFSI and a new maternity unit in delivery.
The work consists of insulating the 11,000 m² of facade into an occupied site, renovating 5,530m² of roof and providing a relaxation area and a conference room.
The renovation work must bring to the CHR a gain in heating consumption of nearly 25% and 17% on the total consumption.
The unit will comply with the 2012 thermal regulation (RT 2012).
Following this work, the Bel Air Hospital will regain its architectural elegance, imagined by the firm Schott, and improve its energy performance:

  • For the main facade, the work consisted in simplifying the whole and restoring a clear and instantaneous image of the project by dividing it into strata to prioritize the volumes with a base, a building body and finally, an attic.
  • The southern part of the original base is decorated with a prolonged sculpture on the East gable to form a solid and structured base.
  • Level R+1 is also designed in a linear way throughout the South. This level also extends in such a way as to form a frame within which the white building body stands out.
  • The installation of white sun breezes on the facades allows to play with the original rhythm of the openings with openwork metal marking full and voids as a large checkerboard animating this part of the building.

Les équipes d’Eiffage Construction Metz débuteront le chantier en septembre 2019 pour une livraison en octobre 2020.