Eiffage Construction launches the works of the Truck-farming Tower of Romainville

Eiffage Construction launches the works of the Truck-farming Tower of Romainville

Located in the district Marcel-Cachin of Romainville, completely requalified within the framework of a Program of Urban Renovation piloted by the East Together, these two ecological buildings - built by Eiffage Construction Equipements Services - will be the first truck-farming towers in Europe.


This project was introduced by AgroParisTech, institute of the sciences and the industries of the alive and the environment and the city of Romainville which had committed a global reflection on the integration of agricultural activities by creating the conditions of a real circular economy and by protecting the environment.
Imagined by architects' Ilimelgo agency, these two tours(towers,ballots) (the highest will make 24 m) will allow, before approximately 12 months, to cultivate and to produce every every 6 years adding up levels 1000 m ² 12 tons of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, flowers food, plants, seeds ...  equal to the annual consumption of 200 families.
Designed as a checked bioclimatic environment, buildings associate systems of heat production, ventilation and illumination within successful thermal envelopes and adapted to plants.
Around the spaces of cultures are planned an educational greenhouse, welcome areas to the public and the space of restoration.
Twelve jobs will be created thanks to this project, among which 5 in insertion by the economic activity.

It will also be about a place of admixture of population, allowing the exchanges between farmers, inhabitants, consumers, pupils, retired people and the future employees of the sector of the urban agriculture.

The amount of the works for this project amounts to 5,2 million euros H.T.