Eiffage Construction launches the construction of Cysoing’s low carbon passive EHPAD!

Eiffage Construction launches the construction of Cysoing’s low carbon passive EHPAD!

The first stone of the EHPAD «Agnes & Mateo» was officially laid on December 13 in the presence of many personalities in Cysoing. This operation is exemplary in terms of energy performance since it will be the first EPHAD to obtain the E+C- level E3/C1 label. A fine reference of low carbon construction involving the teams of Eiffage Construction, Eiffage Services and the Eiffage department for sustainable development and innovation.

Designed by Paindavoine Parmentier Architectes and GO Architecture, this future 88-bedroom EHPAD combines the 2 existing buildings into a single 3770 m² R+2 building.
This project confirms Eiffage Construction’s commitment to reducing the building’s carbon footprint with:

  • the use of wood to construct the first and second storeys of the building,
  • the use of renewable energy since the EHPAD will be equipped with solar panels that will produce the facility’s hot water,
  • reducing the impact of construction with the installation of the HVA Concept™, a prefabricated module from Eiffage Construction Industries.

The project will therefore meet the requirements of the energy labels Passivhaus and E+/C- (Positive Energy & Carbon Reduction Building) at the E3/C1 level.
Work by the Eiffage Construction Nord-Ouest teams has just begun for delivery in April 2021.

Eiffage Services, a subsidiary of Eiffage Concessions, will operate and maintain the building for the first 5 years.
A fine example of working in close synergy with the teams of the Sustainable Development and Cross-Cutting Innovation of Eiffage Group that accompany Eiffage Construction on this demonstration project of low carbon construction.
Personalities present at the event:

  • Benjamin Dumortier, Mayor of Cysoing,
  • Mme Fabienne Allorge, Director of the EHPAD,
  • Charlotte Lecocq, Member of Parliament for the North,
  • Geneviève Mannarino, Vice President of the Department of Northern Autonomy,
  • Luc Monnet, Departmental Councillor of the Canton of Templeuve-en-Pévèle,
  • Olivier Rovere, Acting Territorial Director of the Nord at ARS Hauts-de-France.