Eiffage Construction delivers a new set of offices rue de Laborde in the 8th arrondissement of Paris

Eiffage Construction delivers a new set of offices rue de Laborde in the 8th arrondissement of Paris

After two years of work, Eiffage Construction unveils a new tertiary complex at the center of the capital, the result of the rehabilitation of the former royal barracks of "la Pépinière".

In 2016, Eiffage Construction won the contract to rehabilitate and expand this 15 rue de Laborde complex, in the heart of the historic business district. The work began in July 2016 on behalf of ACM, accompanied by ARC as a work assistant.
The 19,000 m² floorspace project includes two rehabilitated buildings and a brand new office building. The latter is adorned with long glass facades by Goyer, a subsidiary of the Eiffage group specializing in the design and implementation of aluminium and glass facades. This new building houses 1,400 m² and seven levels of superstructure: offices, a gym, an auditorium, a restaurant room and a library.
On both sides of this new construction, the rehabilitated part consists of:

  • The "Laborde" building overlooks the street, whose classical façade dating back to the 19th century has been restored to restore its former splendour.
  • From the so-called “Pépinière” building, built in 1947, in the form of a U, stacked at the bottom of the parcel. Its two lateral wings have been deconstructed to give way to cascading terraces. The main building was enlarged on the inner courtyard to gain surface.

These buildings have been renovated to meet the new challenges of sustainable development and give them the environmental qualities adapted to the requirements. Thinked by the PCA-STREAM architecture firm, this restructuring is surrounded by gardens, planted terraces, a Rooftop with a garden for self-consumption, and shooting corridors on each floor, representing a total of more than 4,500 m² of outdoor spaces.
This new service unit is certified BREEAM Very Good, NF HQE Renovation level exceptional for the barracks part and NF HQE Nine level exceptional for the newly built building. He also obtained the Label High Energy Performance.