Eiffage Aménagement/Seqens: an unprecedented partnership for the urban redevelopment of a district in Igny

Eiffage Aménagement/Seqens: an unprecedented partnership for the urban redevelopment of a district in Igny

Eiffage Aménagement and Seqens, a subsidiary of the Action Logement group, have joined forces in a joint development company to carry out a major redevelopment project in the Joliot Curie district of IGNY (Paris region).

On Tuesday 27 July, the two partners signed a shareholders' agreement aimed at determining the role of each party within this Société par Action Simplifiée (law Molle) whose objective is to carry out this development operation, from studies to delivery.
This is the first structure of this type with an ESH (Social Enterprise Housing) and a private operator, this possibility being recently allowed by the Code de la Construction et de l'Habitat. Seqens has obtained the agreement of the Essonne Prefect to participate in this company. 
The project consists of demolishing the ageing social housing complex in order to create a new neighbourhood of around 650 homes, half of which will be social housing.
This innovative arrangement makes it possible to carry out a complete redevelopment project for a sector, without involving the ANRU (National Agency for Urban Renewal), by proposing a transformation of the neighbourhood that will allow for a social and functional mix, with modernised facilities and redeveloped outdoor spaces (creation of a park).
Seqens and Eiffage Aménagement will therefore conclude an urban partnership project agreement (PUP) with the local authority, which will allow them to participate in financing the renewal of the public facilities (extension of a school, demolition-reconstruction of a gymnasium and a school canteen, creation of a media library).
The City of Igny's land has been integrated into this urban reflection on the scale of the district. The two partners aim to finalise the master plan and programming at the end of 2021 at the end of the consultation process underway with the community and residents.
Nicolas GRAVIT, Managing Director of Eiffage Aménagement, explains: "Through this emblematic partnership with Seqens, Eiffage Aménagement is once again demonstrating its capacity for innovation in the development of sustainable cities in the context of urban renewal.
The complementary nature of its expertise with Seqens is a guarantee of success in the face of the development challenges facing the Igny area: ensuring that people live together thanks to a range of housing for all, offering local services and giving nature its rightful place in the city. Eiffage Aménagement wants to make this project a new benchmark in public-private co-production to support the general interest.
Pascal VAN LAETHEM, Managing Director of Seqens "By creating this development company with Eiffage Aménagement, Seqens, as a pioneering ESH, is providing itself with the most appropriate tool to meet these new needs for transformation and product mix, social housing, home ownership, shops, and new or renovated public facilities. Seqens aims to develop this practice in the Ile-de-France (Paris region). With the development company, Seqens is positioning itself as a player in the construction of the city: developer, property operator and long-term manager. The evolution of lifestyles, environmental issues, social diversity and the well-being of residents are all part of our projects, which are designed to serve the areas in which they are located.