Eiffage Aménagement named winner of the Call for Projects "Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris 2" on the skating rink site in Asnières-sur-Seine

Eiffage Aménagement named winner of the Call for Projects

The second edition of the Métropole du Grand Paris 2 contest was held on 27 sites. Eiffage Aménagement, a representative of a multidisciplinary team, is one of the winners with its Figures Libres project proposed on the skating rink site in Asnières-sur-Seine.

In May 2018, the metropolis of Greater Paris, in collaboration with the mayors of the participating cities, launched the call for innovative projects «invent the metropolis of Greater Paris 2», covering 27 sites in its territory and leading to land transfers to the winning teams.
Eiffage Aménagement has responded to this call for innovative projects on the Patinoire site in Asnières-sur-Seine (92) as a joint representative of the candidate group composed of:
- Owner: Eiffage Immobilier, BNP Paribas Immobilier, Groupe Pichet, CDC Habitat and UCPA,
- Project management: TER Agency, Chabanne Agency + Partners, ORY Studios, O Architecture Agency.
The final offer was submitted at the end of last March by the group, which was chosen as the winner on 19 June 2019!

The Patinoire site is located on Pierre de Coubertin Boulevard and in the middle of a residential area of collective dwellings, some of which are undergoing urban renewal. It now includes a pool, conserved, and an aging set of sports equipment to be demolished. The site is very well served by the metro to the north and south (line 13), by the T1 (to the north) and will welcome to the Agnettes the Grand Paris Express in 2030. So this is a territory with high potential.
The project proposed by the group, Figures Libres, is a project that builds on the existing one and that, far from denying it, highlights its assets, so that it becomes the basis of an innovative, coherent and adapted proposal to the territory. Sport, health and well-being were the main themes that guided the project. It is proposed to reconstruct the skating rink within an equipment taking the form of a "multisport hall" and grouping multiple activities: «Les Plateaux», an attractive place at the local and metropolitan scale (about 9,000 m² of public baths). In addition to a skating rink, there are snowshoe sports fields (squash, badminton, paddle, tennis), climbing walls, a spa, a fitness room and a club house. The sport will also be broadcast in a public green space.
The layout of the surrounding building allows for the creation of remarkable viewpoints on the “metropolitan landscape” through occasional emergencies (base +12); these views have greatly guided the project, including housing patterns.
Thus, in the project Figures Libres, we will be able to inhabit the sky, the horizon but also the garden, on a more intimate scale in the heart of the island. The proposed housing programme is varied and adapted to all types of inhabitants: 276 units in access, with clear views of the metropolitan horizon, 37 intermediate family rental units in the heart of the island and a student social residence of 110 rooms reserved for the reception of athletes.
In order to offer an integrated and resilient project, a sports shop, restaurants, a health home and a crèche will be present as well as a third-place run by several innovative actors. This place will become a meeting place and a link between old and new inhabitants of the district, and will evolve to meet the different needs and uses of each.
Finally, Figures Libres is a project with strong environmental and energy performance ambitions, in line with the objectives of the Metropolitan Air Energy Climate Plan. In particular, it provides for the creation of a system to recover the heat produced by the rink in order to ensure the heating of the housing above it, designed in close collaboration with EDF Dalkia, exclusive partner of the group, and aims for the WELL Community label.
Following this designation, the studies will start at the end of 2021. All the lots will be carried out by Eiffage Construction.
With the project being phased in to allow the existing rink to remain in operation, a first delivery, including most of the sports equipment and housing, will take place mid-2023 and the project will be completed by the end of 2025.