Eiffage Aménagement creates the district the Grand Canal in Clamart

Eiffage Aménagement creates the district the Grand Canal in Clamart

The district the Grand Canal in the South of Clamart, former unexploited tertiary site, will establish a place of life fitted out on more than 5 hectares on 2023.
The construction site work, begun in October, 2017, involves several jobs of the Group Eiffage: Eiffage Immobilier, Eiffage Construction, Eiffage Route, Eiffage Energie Thermie and Eiffage Concessions.

It is in 2015 when Eiffage Aménagement concretizes this project of urban requalification within the framework of a land control followed by a procedure of licence to fit out. The town planner of the project is the ARCAS cabinet.
The operation of arrangement, representing a 80 million euro investment, is realized in partnership with the Community, according to the directives of an orientation of arrangement of programming ( OAP).
Built on the site of a former industrial site and a tertiary sector of 5,3 hectares, this new urban complex shows a mixed programming allying at the same time housing, businesses and equipment.
Of a total surface of floor of 90 000 m ², the Grand Canal will welcome:

  • 1 250 housing among which 25 % of social housing,
  • a student residence of 130 rooms,
  • a nursing home,
  • a hotel of 100 rooms,
  • a school complex of 15 classes,
  •  4 500 m ² of businesses,
  •  22 000 m ² of public places.

The site will count also approximately 13 000 m ² of green spaces, a canal endowed with footbridges and a stretch of water.
Eiffage Aménagement makes a commitment in the success of this project of urban transformation via an agreement of PUP (Urbain Partenarial project) for the financing of a part of the school complex.
The district aims at the certification HQE arrangement which is translated in particular by the implementation of a boiler room biomass for the urban network of heat of the whole district which will run in minima 60 % of renewable energies, specific installations for the recycling of rainwaters …
The works should last 6 years and to end in 2023; the first part, the school complex and the first public places being ready for delivery for the beginning of 2020.