Echoing the Medical Centre it is building in Toulouse, Eiffage Immobilier is installing the "Care" work of art within it

Echoing the Medical Centre it is building in Toulouse, Eiffage Immobilier is installing the

"Care" is a fitting name for the work of art created by Jean-Paul Espinosa and installed by Eiffage Immobilier in the La Cartoucherie multidisciplinary medical centre in Toulouse. The work was installed as part of the "1 building, 1 work" charter. Our Eiffage Construction teams have just delivered this large-scale operation to PIERVAL Santé and Médic Global.

"In this project, I use the combined power of letters, colours and words to evoke a lasting emotion while animating the place (i.e. giving it a soul)." This is how Jean-Paul Espinosa defines his work of art "Care", installed on the wall of the Médic Global entrance. Thus highlighted, it is visible to all, and helps to make art accessible to all. This is one of the commitments we made when we signed the "1 building, 1 work" charter with the Ministry of Culture more than five years ago.

As for the project, the ground floor building includes 32 consulting rooms, all of which can be divided up to offer areas adapted to each specialist, and common areas dedicated to staff and visitors, such as a lounge area and another for children. It is located in the ZAC Cartoucherie, west of Toulouse, and is BREEAM certified (PASS level).

Designed by ATELIERS LION ASSOCIES, its facades are treated in the same way as the facades of the adjacent regional teaching and training centre for health professions, in light-coloured lacquered steel. 

30 journeymen were called upon throughout the project and more than 4,000 hours of integration were carried out!

Congratulations to our teams involved in this beautiful project, and thanks to our partners:
- Z.A.C. developer: OPPIDEA
- General contractor: Eiffage Construction Midi Pyrénées
- Architect/engineer: ATELIERS LION ASSOCIES
- Control office/SPS: DEKRA
- Fluid engineering: EDEIS
- Acoustic design: SIGMA Acoustique
- Artist : Jean Paul ESPINOSA