Construction of the new tramway line in Liège begins!

Construction of the new tramway line in Liège begins!

Construction work on the new Liège Tramway line has just begun. The subsidiary of Eiffage Benelux Duchêne, contracted out to Colas, is responsible for the civil engineering works as well as the construction of various buildings (maintenance centre, service station and office building).

The Transport Operator of Wallonia (OTW), in its capacity as licensor, has decided to use a PPP contract for the execution of the project of the new line of Tramway of Liège.   
The project involves the construction of a 12 kilometre line linking Sclessin to the working-class district of Coronmeuse, passing through the historic centre of Liège. This tram line will serve 21 stations, 90% of which will be on its own site. The line will be connected to two relay parking lots with more than 900 seats.
The work to be carried out by Duchêne will last 3 years and represents a new opportunity to showcase its know-how in civil engineering. Duchêne’s teams have just begun work on commissioning in 2022.
Residents can already discover the future tramway since a full-scale model is currently on display in the Tivoli space at the Museum of Transport in Wallonia. The opportunity for future users to cross the gates three years before it is put into service.