Cocoon'Ages® Ventabren is the winner of the "housing and innovation" prize of the "Rotonde de l'Immobilier" Trophy!

Cocoon'Ages® Ventabren is the winner of the

Eiffage Immobilier and Récipro-Cité have been rewarded for their Cocoon'Ages® project in Ventabren, by the "Estivales de l'immobilier" event. This award recognises the innovative nature of intergenerational housing, which places people at the heart of all its projects. It is clear that nowadays we are experiencing a strong loss of social ties and a drop in purchasing power, combined with an increase in life expectancy. Aware of these issues, Eiffage Immobilier and Récipro-Cité, have developed the Cocoon'Ages® offer which combines adapted architecture (accessibilitý, ergonomic housing, convivial shared spaces ) with a Management-Animation offer in order to encourage exchanges and solidaritý between residents, all generations included.

The residence, comprising 69 homes and covering an area of over 5,600m2, has a "Project House" equipped with a loggia kitchen and shared outdoor spaces. To date, 31 units have already been allocated in this residence with a warm and friendly atmosphere, which will be delivered in June 2022.  

On the ground floor of the buildings, 9 shops have been set up to develop a real neighbourhood life for the residents and users.
In addition, the Cocoon'Ages® project includes a manager-animator who encourages "living together" and supports the residents in their projects within this structure. Her presence will help to create relationships of solidarity between neighbours and residents of the neighbourhood, all generations included.
It will also help to coordinate actions between the occupants to improve their purchasing power, share activities (culinary workshops, gardening, IT, sports, cultural outings, etc.) and help them, in particular, with their administrative procedures.
The programme echoes our ambitious environmental approach by obtaining the BDM silver label.
This operation, which is marked by social issues, has enabled people who are far from employment to complete a total of 3,500 hours of integration.

Eiffage Immobilier and Récipro-Cité are proud to see all of their projects come to life; 16 Cocoon'Ages® have already been delivered and many more remain to be delivered, such as Cocoon'Ages® Capinghem.
Congratulations to our teams in the South-East for this achievement, which proclaims the values of "living together" loud and clear!
General contractor: Eiffage Construction