Circular Economy: review of the actions carried out in 2019 by the association Réavie on the LaVallée eco-district of Châtenay-Malabry

Circular Economy: review of the actions carried out in 2019 by the association Réavie on the LaVallée eco-district of Châtenay-Malabry

For more than a year, several circular economy channels have been implemented for the reuse of 250 m3 of materials and materials on the former site of the Ecole Centrale, in Châtenay-Malabry (electrical equipment, sinks, washbasins, amphitheatre, office furniture, etc.) within the framework of the SEMOP of the future eco-district LaVallée of Eiffage Aménagement. These operations are coordinated by the association Réavie, which has just reached more than 1,800 hours of professional insertion and nearly 120 tons of reused equipment!

The environmental association Réavie, created by Mohamed Hamaoui, a construction worker at Eiffage Construction, aims to reduce waste from the sector and contribute to the reuse of materials.   Its activity is also social through the Solid-R Platform: it trains people in vocational integration in the jobs of re-employment and building. It also carries out participatory workshops to promote living together around construction sites and raise public awareness of waste issues.
On the social side, Réavie’s action allowed 1,200 hours of insertion on the repackaging platform and 600 hours on the drop-off site. Thus 20 Châtenaysiens intervened on this site which resulted in the hiring of a person in CDD at Réavie. 4 other persons were also hired as Cdds by other BTP companies. In addition, a total of 1,800 hours of insertion contracts have been created.
For the work as a whole, planned over six years, it should be 250,000 hours, that is to say 400 people in reintegration. All the projects of the Lavallée project are based on the CREPI (Club Régional d'entreprises partenaires de l'Insertion) to promote integration through employment.
Also, some sixty people intervened as volunteers: collaborators of Eiffage, relatives of members of the association, young architects, members beneficiaries etc...
At the moment, nearly 120 tons of equipment and equipment have been deposited and stored, then sorted and repackaged: plaster plates, parquet floors, doors, sinks, washbasins, shower doors, electrical boards, air conditioners, overhead projectors, hot water balloons, slabs, etc.
Part of it may have been reused after cleaning:

  • Stainless steel buffets have been reused in the kitchen of the "Grand voisins" third-district of the 14th arrondissement,
  • 25 fire blocks were purchased by the city of Châtenay-Malabry for municipal equipment,
  • 1,500 amphitheatre spaces have been relocated to the USSEIN University in Senegal,
  • The fencing of the tennis court was recycled into the henhouse of the project house.

Another part of the equipment was resold during sales to the Solid-R platform: 500 switches and electrical sockets, 500 lamps, 350 magnetic handles etc.

A big bravo to all the members of Réavie for this spectacular work and a big thank you to all the volunteers!
Recycling activities continue on the Ecole Centrale website, do not hesitate to contact Réavie on their Facebook or their website to volunteer you!