Châtenay-Malabry : les grandes lignes de l’éco-quartier LaVallée se dessinent

Châtenay-Malabry : les grandes lignes de l’éco-quartier LaVallée se dessinent

An important step is being taken on the LaVallée ecodistrict in Châtenay-Malabry with the completion of the roads and main services, which allows the neighbourhood to take shape and the developers to start work on their real estate projects.

In 2018, the first works of the site began with the deconstruction of the Central School. Today, the roads and main services (which represent all the works carried out for the servicing of a land: roads, water supply, gas, electricity, telecommunications, sanitation, public lighting, etc.), are completed. This step is a turning point in the realization of the operation because it defines the real base of the neighborhood and allows to visualize its configuration. Above all, it means that developers (including Eiffage Immobilier) and their businesses can start the construction of the first phase: 700 housing units, 12,000 m² of shops, a school group of 19 classes, a college of 700 students, a nursery and the headquarters of Lidl France.
Of particular note are the innovative processes and materials used in the production of these roads and main services. On the one hand, the recycled aggregates resulting from the deconstruction of the central school, reused to realize the structures of the future public spaces of the ecodistrict. On the other hand, the application of GB5®, a high-performance asphalt pavement with a lifetime of natural resource savings over the long term.
In addition, the Eiffage teams are also building an urban heat network using a geothermal power plant for a better respect for the environment.

As a reminder, the development of this ecodistrict, located near the Parc de Sceaux, began in 2018 and will be delivered in 2024. A true demonstration of innovations in terms of sustainable development, it is supported by Eiffage Aménagement and draws on the expertise of all the Eiffage business lines.

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