At the heart of the Paul Hochart ZAC in l'Haÿ-les-Roses (94), Eiffage Immobilier plants the first tree on block 2|3

At the heart of the Paul Hochart ZAC in l'Haÿ-les-Roses (94), Eiffage Immobilier plants the first tree on block 2|3

The New National Urban Renewal Project of l'Haÿ-les-Roses and Villejuif, recognised as being of public utility by the Val-de-Marne prefecture, aims to provide the two municipalities with facilities, developed public spaces, new housing and business premises. Spread over 3 hectares, the ZAC Entrée de Ville Paul Hochart is an integral part of this large-scale development operation, the aim of which is to open up the eastern part of Haÿ-les-Roses. Block 2|3, which will house a Residence for Senior Citizens and a building of flats for sale, has just received its first tree.

In the presence of Vincent Jeanbrun, Mayor of L'Haÿ-les-Roses, Pierre Garzon, Mayor of Villejuif, Benoist Apparu, Chairman of Emerige, Kamal Mahfoufi, Île-de-France Director of Eiffage Immobilier, Elise Airaud, Director of the Silver Economy and Cazam® Senior Services Residences, Pauline Puéchal, Works Manager, Eiffage Construction, and Lydie Dujardin, Director of Development, Eiffage Aménagement, a tour of the future development of the Paul Hochart district ended with the symbolic planting of a first tree.
Eiffage Aménagement has developed a more residential programme with the construction of 960 homes. The figure includes nearly 600 home ownership units, 50 social housing units and 175 units as part of the reconstruction of the Coalla hostel, which houses migrant workers. The construction of a senior citizens' residence is also planned. Our unique expertise as a builder-developer-developer will once again be put to work, as Eiffage Construction will carry out the work as a general contractor, while Eiffage Immobilier, in a consortium with Emerige, will be responsible for the construction of the building and its maintenance after delivery.

The first project, a senior citizens' residence, Cazam® l'Haÿ-les-Roses, will comprise 120 luxury flats (from T1 to T3) spread over six floors, with a participatory greenhouse and vegetable gardens for residents on the top floor. A friendly team will be present 24/7. Local services accessible to residents and non-residents will also be provided: restaurant, concierge service, art workshop, fitness area and even a tea shop. The attractiveness of the site will be enhanced by 700m2 of outdoor space and a two-level basement car park with 130 parking spaces.

The second is a programme of housing units for sale, consisting of three buildings with a total of 108 units on the ground floor and 7 floors. A multi-purpose hall, an essential part of a lively neighbourhood, will adorn the ground floor of one of them.

Guided by the principles of sobriety and energy efficiency, this large-scale mixed-use project is part of an ambitious environmental approach aimed at NF Habitat HQE "Very High Performance" certification, the E+C- label and the RT2012 - 20% regulation.

In keeping with the desire to make natural spaces and neighbourhood life coexist, the roofs will be vegetated, providing natural insulation in an urban area. This is also a way of combating the heat islands that are developing in cities.
In addition, during the works, the operation is committed to respecting a low environmental impact "worksite charter" in order to respect the needs of local residents and the surrounding biodiversity.
Congratulations to the teams and thanks to our partners for this great operation. Delivery is scheduled for June 2024.
Project manager: MH2O
Co-developer: EMERIGE
General contractor: Eiffage ConstructionArchitect: BECARP MAP
Operator of the Résidence Services Seniors: CAZAM
Senior residence: AMPERE
Acoustics: RG Ingenierie
Soil/hydro/pol study: SEMOFI