A new laboratory last generation for the CHRU of Nancy

A new laboratory last generation for the CHRU of Nancy

Since February, 2018, a laboratory of biology of 8000 m ² is under construction in the university regional hospital of Nancy. This conception - realization of 23M€ was entrusted to a grouping managed by Eiffage Construction.

This operation follows upon the grouping of the activities of medical biology of the CHRU and those of biopathology of the Institute of cancer research of Lorraine on the site of the hospitals of Brabois.
This new laboratory will rhyme with technical, technological and functional efficiency. It will include in a single place diverse specialities of the pharmacology, the medical biology and the biopathology. Its architectural concept, imagined by Art and Build Architectes, bases on a plan in the shape of flower, with a distribution of all the sectors around the same heart: the technical automated tray ( PTA). The express distribution of samples in the concerned services will be assured by a robot "courier".
The envelope of the building is inspired by the cellular organization existing in the world of the alive and the principle of the biomimetic. The drawing of the facade it bardage of aluminum varies according to needs in natural light, and it adapts itself to the necessity of creating an intimate and protective space. The main staircase, the central element of connection, appears as a section in the skin of the building. Completely glazed, it gets for the PTA a controlled zenithal lighting.

 The main part works has just given way to the technical building trades for the end of construction site in the year 2019.