A first in Bordeaux: Eiffage Immobilier and Réciprocité have inaugurated "Innlove", a Cocoon'Ages® intergenerational residence!

A first in Bordeaux: Eiffage Immobilier and Réciprocité have inaugurated

On 9 June, Eiffage Immobilier and Récipro-Cité inaugurated the Cocoon'Ages® intergenerational residence located in the Brazza district of Bordeaux, in the presence of Sylvie Justome, Deputy Mayor in charge of the development of inclusive and intergenerational housing, Hervé Lapastoure, South-West Director of Eiffage Immobilier, Serge Le Boulch, President of Récipro-Cité, Irène Sabarots, Deputy Managing Director of Aquitanis, Élise Airaud, Silver-Economy Director of Eiffage Immobilier, and several residents of the Cocoon'Ages® residence.

With the loss of social ties, the increase in life expectancy and the decline in purchasing power, intergenerational housing is now a major lever for improving the quality of life. Aware of these challenges, Eiffage Immobilier and Récipro-Cité, a social engineering company specialising in intergenerational mix, have developed the Cocoon'Ages® offer, which combines adapted architecture (accessibilitý, ergonomic housing, convivial shared spaces to encourage exchanges) with a Management-Animation offer in order to encourage exchanges and solidaritý between the residents, all generations included.
The Innlove residence consists of three buildings with R+6, R+7 and R+13, designed by the architects of the Philippon-Kalt and Leibar Seigneurin agencies. For the first time, it offers a mixed range of housing, distributed as follows

  • 133 unoccupied flats from T2 to T5, some with duplexes and roof terraces,
  • 20 social rental units under VEFA (sale in future state of completion) for Aquitanis, the Bordeaux Métropole landlord.

The residence also has a 90 m2 "Project House", with a loggia kitchen and shared outdoor spaces.
A manager-animator encourages "living together" and supports the residents in their projects within this structure. Her presence helps to create relationships of solidarity between neighbours and residents of the neighbourhood, all generations included. The first feedback from the occupants of the Cocoon'Ages® Brazza residence is very positive: the manager-animator has already met with 80 residents in order to gather their needs, desires and concerns.
She will also help coordinate actions between the occupants to improve their purchasing power, share activities (cooking workshops, gardening, IT, sports, cultural outings, etc.) and help them with their administrative procedures.
In addition, on the ground floor of the buildings, 747m2 of tertiary and commercial spaces have been set up to develop a real neighbourhood life for the residents and users.
Congratulations to our teams in the South-West region who have done a great job on this project!
General contractor: Eiffage Construction
Architects: Philippon-Kalt and Leibar Seigneurin