6th edition of the BIM D'Or: Eiffage big winner of the BIM d'or 2019 with the Hypérion tower and a silver BIM for the ZAC of Chatenay-Malabry

6th edition of the BIM D'Or: Eiffage big winner of the BIM d'or 2019 with the Hypérion tower and a silver BIM for the ZAC of Chatenay-Malabry

the BIM d'Or rewards the best projects carried out using the digital model according to two levels: silver BIM by project category and 1 single gold BIM any category. The 2019 panel was handed over on Tuesday, September 24. An evening full of success for Eiffage since the teams of Eiffage Immobilier and Eiffage Construction are the 2019 winners of the BIM d'or for the Hypérion tower in Bordeaux and Eiffage Aménagement wins the silver BIM in the category "City information modeling (CIM)" for its development project La Vallée in the ZAC of Chatenay-Malabry Parc de l'Ecole Centrale.

Among the 27 projects presented, the jury of the 2019 BIM d'Or presented the prize to the Hypérion tower, project of Eiffage Immobilier in wooden structure and concrete core of 57 m in the heart of the Euratlantique district in Bordeaux and designed by J.-P. Viguier Architecture.
The project was praised for the BIM collaborative approach implemented by the Eiffage Construction teams:
  • Logistical management of prefabricated works via the dynamic link between the installation schedule and the models.
  • Quality control of the installation of prefabricated works via control values extracted from the models.
  • Carbon monitoring and reporting via the link between the models and the Carbon footprint calculation software.

These uses are based on a Openbim collaboration, between the company and its partners Setec tpi and the subsidiary of Eiffage Construction Savare, for the creation of a database of prefabricated works and the dynamic management of their information by the project teams.
Eiffage Aménagement was also praised by the jury who awarded it the BIM d'Argent of the category "City information modeling (CIM)". Thanks to the CIM Manager, carried out by the company Arcadis in collaboration with Citae, in addition to data management, the collaborative platform allows each player to have a complete vision of the progress of the design of the eco-friendlyneighborhood. This digital avatar provides assistance to the reorganization of public space and helps improve the management of the operation through project management. It will also be used for equipment management and maintenance.
A big congratulations to the teams of Eiffage Immobilier, Eiffage Construction and Eiffage Aménagement mobilized on these major projects!

Through these awards, Eiffage confirms its commitment to digital transformation, which is the vector of fluidity, productivity and quality gains for the works produced. This global digitisation strategy concerns both project management and customer satisfaction.